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Early Spring greetings from Leppävaara!

After the last network meeting on the 26th of January, we have been receiving several requests for Massidea.org guidelines. Therefore we took a look at the guidelines as they were and amended few details on them. The biggest change was combining 2 separate guidelines into one.  Instead of having separate guidelines for basic users and group admins, we now have only one document where each Massidea.org feature is presented.  This encourages all Massidea.org users to use every feature Massidea.org has to offer.

The updated version is available both in English and in Finnish both of which are attached to this entry. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding these guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Kind regards
Satu Ståhlstedt

Massidea.org Guidelines_ENG

Massidea.org Ohjeisto_FIN

Innovation in the Barents

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On March 29 seminar “Innovation in the Barents” took place in Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences. It was organized by the 1st year students of Innovative Business Services Degree Programme. The objective of the seminar was to raise awareness among the youth about innovation, innovation process and innovative ideas in the Barents Region. The symbol of innovation, chosen by the organizing committee, was an apple, which was not only depicted on the poster, but also given to every participant to fill the empty stomach in the morning and lighten up the moodJ The juicy fruit seemed to be efficient as the students came up with plenty interesting associations with the word “Innovation”: inspiring, creativity, freshness, technology, synergizing, ground breaking, thinking out of the box and etc. Luckily the lecturers were not serious respectable men in turtle-necks and glasses: Satu Ståhlstedt of Massidea.org herself told about the awesomeness and usefulness of this tool and prepared everybody`s brain for the workshop “Accumulation and development of ideas”! Participants formed groups of 7 and in a super short time came up with a challenge they were most concerned with, which they afterwards passed on to the other team. If you haven`t been there you would never believe what crazy ideas students came up with in 15 minutes… It`s like they had innovation running in their veinsJ For example, what would be the language to connect all the nations of the world!? Spinglish, of course! – answers one of the teams and clarifies that it’s a unique combination of English, Chinese and Spanish assembled online by a common effort of our civilization. Head of the organizing committee Jenna Kiviniemi comments: “I think it was very cool that guys got to work with another team`s challenge. That guaranteed different perspective and fresh attitude towards the problem. And it was just lovely, that everybody was having fun and setting their imagination free. That was a unique experience for them and I think most will continue innovating in Massidea.org”.

The other prominent lecturers opened the eyes of the participants on the diversity of innovative ideas implemented in Lapland. Heli Huhanantti, one of the RAMK students comments: “I had no idea that there is so much going on in Rovaniemi! So many interesting ventures students could contribute to! It was especially interesting to hear about the software product of Concurio company!” Indeed, Concurio marketing manager  Thomas Kinnaird, by the way,a fresh graduate of RAMK, told not only about their business idea, but also concentrated on the everyday life of a newly established enterprise and its fresh and innovative approach to the working process: “Every morning we have a staff breakfast, which is always cooked by one of us. It is always fun. It lets us learn more about each other, come up with new ideas in an informal atmosphere and improves our time management skills as well as our diet.”  Ater delicious advices of Mr.Kinnaird, we got useful information about the BodyFit and eMotion projects, which are both carried out in Arctic Power Laboratory. Both of the projects are revolutionary in different ways: BodyFit uses unique technologies to develop climate-appropriate clothing for policemen and miners, while eMotion is concerned with creation of electric snowmobile for the use in tourism industry of the region.

The seminar was finalized by the workshop “Innovation climate in the Barents region”, during which students came up with the challenges and opportunities of the Barents region from the point of view of those who have been living there for a long time and new-comers. The whole experience was eye-opening for both teams and served a perfect way to draw the conclusions of the seminar. Petteri Törmänen, one of the organizers of the seminar says:”We were very happy with an outcome and I think the participants as well. Each of us learned a lot and enjoyed himself quite a bit! According to the results of the feedback forms` analysis the main goal was accomplished. It also looks like there is a great interest towards our topic and we will be planning another event in the future, which, perhaps, will reach out to a bigger audience and on a more sophisticated level”.


Yulia Chechulinskaya, RAMK

Jenna Kiviniemi, RAMK

Massidea.org Network Event 28th of March

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Massidea.org had a kick-start to the spring by having a network meeting at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Leppävaara on the 28th of March 2011. The meeting was scheduled to start at 10 o’clock but Laurea Leppävaara’s Massidea.org team started their endeavour a bit earlier in order to organise the meeting premises to welcome the guests.

Guests from HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences (RAMK), Kymeenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (KyAMK), Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences (COAMK) and Unversity of Lapland started arriving a little bit before 10 o’clock. They were welcomed with coffee, light snacks and a folder containing the meeting essential documents. The actual event was opened with a welcoming speech by Massidea.org Project Manager Sari Jääskeläinen who is also a senior lecturer at Laurea UAS.

Hellos and Howareyous

After the welcome speech, each guest gave a short presentation of their latest Massidea.org related activities. Laurea’s Massidea.org Team shared their experiences of implementing the service by presenting a summary of a course which had applied Massidea.org more extensively. Based on this example, Laurea’s Team has created a template and guidelines for describing case examples and encouraged everyone to start documenting their experiences with the service. Laurea’s team also introduced its newest members to rest of the network. In addition, the virtual interns from a Danish University were mentioned. Laurea’s team finished the presentation by listing the theses currently being written about Massidea.org.

After Laurea’s team was finished, 3 members of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) Massidea.org team took the floor and presented the progress they’ve made since the last network meeting. In addition to being active in content production, they mentioned that they have been presenting Massidea.org in more than 10 events most notable of them being: TAMK Day and International Water Day. TAMK has also implemented Massidea.org into their thesis process as an alternative tool for publishing thesis abstracts and research plans. In addition, TAMK has created groups for publishing internship and project reports. Many students have already started publishing content to the above mentioned groups.

After TAMK, a representative from RAMK took the stage. They have implemented Massidea.org to e.g. R&D courses. RAMK students organised “Innovation in the Barents” on the 29th of March.  A representative from Laurea’s team also attended the seminar and gave an introductory presentation on Massidea.org to RAMK students and took part in the seminar workshops. The results of these workshops are published in Massidea.org.

RAMK was followed by COAMK, University of Lapland and Häme University of Applied Sciences. The representative from COAMK told the audience that their organisation has been raising Massidea.org awareness among their students. Both HAMK and KyAMK are have planned to implement Massidea.org to some of their courses and University of Lapland is planning their 1st pilot.

Learning Cafe

Once the presentations were over, the attendees took a break and prepared for the up-coming workshops by having lunch together at Laurea’s student run restaurant Flow. After lunch, the event continued with Learning Cafe – workshops. As the event organisers, Laurea’s team had the responsibility of acting as chairpersons in each workshop. The attendees were divided into three groups to work on the three different before-hand agreed topics. These topics were: Massidea.org Functions, Massidea.org and Theses, and Massidea.org Implementation. In order to give everyone an opportunity to express their opinion and thoughts on each topic, the attendees moved from one workshop to another every 20 minutes. The organisers also encouraged everyone to continue the discussion after the network event on Massidea.org, where a group for the Massidea.org Network and campaigns for each workshop had been created prior to the actual event.

Workshop: : Massidea.org Functions

The purpose of this workshop was to discuss different Massidea.org functions such as groups and campaigns and how they could be used in different settings. In addition it was proposed that the attendees would discuss the features that they would like to see implemented to the service.

The participants were especially eager to express their thoughts on how to develop existing features, and to suggest entirely new functions. Developing the search function, the rating system and the group function further was seen as an important step. Especially the rating system was discussed more extensively. It was felt that readers should be allowed to rate e.g. the quality and the feasibility of the content by giving for example a certain amount of stars against these criteria. In addition, categorising the content more comprehensively was brought up in the workshop. The attendees felt that Massidea.org should have bespoke subcategories such as IT, Business, Globalisation etc. for ideas, challenges and visions or alternatively the content producers should be advised on tagging their content more comprehensively.

There were also a number of suggestions how to make Massidea.org more attractive for users. Most notable of these suggestions were: Post of the Month, Sticky Post, Starting Post, Guest Writers and Gifting.  Post of the Month was seen as an efficient way to motivate regular Massidea.org users to produce more professional, good quality content. The post of the Month would be handpicked by e.g. dedicated moderators and featured on the home page for the next 30 days. It was also suggested that the writer would receive a gift for reaching the post of the month status. This gift could be for example: forwarding the article to a person working on the related field of business. Featuring other good articles in the form of a Sticky Post was also suggested. Sticky Post would be featured on the home page for a couple of days in order to attract attention to good writers. Starting Post was another suggested function, the purpose of which would be to introduce new users to the Massidea.org community. One participant suggested inviting people from the working life to write a series of articles about different topics in their area of specialisation.

In addition, the possibility for submitting video entries to Massidea.org was also suggested. Video would serve as another medium for users to share their insights with others.

If you want to contribute to this workshop, you can do so by joining Massidea.org Network Group  and submitting content to this group.

Workshop: Massidea.org Implementation

The objective of this particular workshop was to share experiences and good practices of implementing the service to study courses. Additionally, it was suggested that the participants would discuss different methods and tool that would support new users in the implementation process. The participants were given the results of the workshop organised in the last network meeting to help them see what has already been discussed.

It was agreed that good practices could be found by gathering user examples from students and teachers as well as understanding and taking their feedback into account. Organisational, national and international teacher co-operation was seen as another important aspect of implementing the service. This would allow courses to be not only multinational but also multidisciplinary. It was suggested that workshops for designing Massidea.org applying courses could be organised among teachers in order to make the implementation more efficient. The participants felt that unified instructions for implementing the course should be created. These instructions could be supported by case examples of various types of implementation. This combination would then highlight the benefits of Massidea.org in a more concrete way.

If you want to contribute to this workshop, you can do so by joining Massidea.org Network Group  and submitting content to this group.

Workshop: Massidea.org and Theses

The purpose of this workshop was to take the ideas presented in the last network meeting a step further. Handouts of the last network meeting’s results were give to each participant.

The content of this workshop can be divided into four different topics: experiences, challenges, needed tools and value. The participants who already have used Massidea.org in their theses process gave examples of how and where it has been implemented. They told that currently some volunteers have already submitted their abstracts and research plans to Massidea.org. Other participants felt that this is a good way to show new students what type of theses have already been written and also how a proper abstract and research plan are written. In addition the participants saw that it would be beneficial if research ideas would be communicated in Massidea.org, so students without a topic could find one. These research ideas could be acquired for example from different companies.

This workshop included an extensive discussion on different tool needed for using Massidea.org in theses process. It was suggested that unified reporting standard should be created for all the publications related to thesis. This standard would be then used by all the organisations. It was also felt that these standard should be supported by guidelines for quality writing and criteria for indicating references used in the thesis.

It was seen that the most notable benefit of Massidea.org to the thesis process comes from the versatile mass i.e. international, organisational boundaries breaking user base which allows students to define their research problem further by collaborating with others.

The participants also discussed the challenges related to the implementation extensively. Issues regarding confidentiality, copyrights and anonymity were brought up and discussed. The lack of an example of a more extensive use of Massidea.org in thesis process was also seen as problematic.

If you want to contribute to this workshop, you can do so by joining Massidea.org Network Group  and submitting content to this group.

We hope you all enjoy the upcoming spring!

Please, don’t hesitate to contribute to the workshop campaigns even if you were not present at the actual event.

Laurea Leppävaara’s Massidea.org Team

Encounters and Workshops: 2011 Massidea.org Kickoff-event at Laurea Leppävaara on the 26th of January

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Laurea’s Massidea team organised and hosted a kickoff-event for Massidea partners from Universities of Applied Sciences from all over Finland.

The event was started with a welcome speech by the creator of Massidea: Teemu Santonen. The speech was followed by a Skype-conference with Massidea’s Indian partners who told about their current project Nimbus 2011. A group for the Nimbus 2011 – project has been created to Massidea.org and everyone is encouraged to contribute.  The Skype – conference ended with a Questions and Answers-section where the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions from the Indian partners.

After the conference, each Massidea partner gave a presentation on their past and future activities related to the implementation and use of Massidea.org in UAS courses and other projects.  The audience was eager to comment and ask questions after each presentation and the last few presentations were given after the participants had had lunch at Laurea’s student run restaurant Flow.

The presentations were followed by Learning Cafe-styled workshops where the participants were divided into three groups. Each group had a chairman whose job was to lead the discussion on a beforehand given topic. The topics were:

1) Massidea.org and UAS Courses

2) Massidea.org and Projects and Internships

3) Massidea.org and Theses

The participants were encouraged to write down their thoughts, ideas, suggestions and comments on a paper table cloth, so that the next group would be able to see what has been discussed previously. After spending 15-20 minutes on one table, every participant apart from the chairman moved on to the next table. After every participant had contributed to every topic, the chairmen presented the results to everyone.

Massidea.org and UAS Courses

The purpose of this workshop was to discuss and find methods for implementing Massidea.org to different UAS courses.  The Learning Cafe participants concentrated on two key areas: marketing Massidea.org to teachers and educational facilities, and on the actual implementation.

The participants thought that Massidea.org should be marketed as a new pedagogical tool, a new type of solution for teachers and educators, and as a revolutionary learning environment for both students and teachers alike. Massidea.org’s visibility on other websites, especially social media websites, was also discussed by the participants. Changing people’s attitudes was seen as a challenge to Massidea.org’s marketing i.e. having people embrace this new service as an innovative learning tool.

It was agreed that case examples of how Massidea.org has already been used by different UAS is a good way to do this. In addition the participants suggested that a dedicated group for teachers could be created within the Massidea service. The group should be seen as a forum where teachers can share knowledge and experiences related to the use of Massidea.org. A list of contacts should also be provided, so anyone interested could contact teachers who have already used Massidea.org in their courses. The dedicated group could also serve as a platform for solving problems and issues related to using and/or implementing Massidea.org to courses or UAS projects.

When discussing the actual implementation, the participants saw that implementing Massidea.org should be considered at early stages of curriculum planning. Massidea.org was seen as a strong and practical platform for e-courses especially.  It was agreed that it would be beneficial to involve communications teachers to any course applying Massidea.org to provide students with a theoretical background on critical reading and quality writing.

Massidea.org and Projects and Internships

The discussion on Massidea.org and Projects and Internships stimulated comments, ideas and suggestions as well. The participants saw Massidea.org as a good project tool. Especially the group and campaign features could be used for e.g. gaining visibility and transparency which in return allow the project to gain new interns and/or partners. It was agreed that internships reports could be done by using Massidea.org which would support the vision of Massidea.org being a portfolio or a new type of CV for its users. Another advantage seen for Massidea.org being used as a project tool was getting comments and feedback from parties outside the project’s organisational boundaries. For example, from companies or students from other educational facilities using Massidea.org.

Massidea.org and Theses

Massidea.org and Theses workshop concentrated on discussing how Massidea.org could be used in each stage of the thesis process. The participants saw that students who are still looking for an interesting topic for their thesis could find it from Massidea.org once different organisations start using Massidea.org as a project tool or when companies start posting topics for thesis on Massidea.org.  Also, other students could publish interesting topics as well.

The possibility of finding a partner for the thesis process through Massidea.org, from either different domestic educational facilities or from a foreign university, was also considered to be possible.

Massidea.org’s content feature was seen as a good way for students writing their theses to publish (as Challenges) their research problem for other parties e.g. other students to give feedback on.  In addition the students in the middle of their thesis process could also find references from Massidea.org’s existing content.

Once a student has finished their thesis, they could submit a summary of results to Massidea.org as an idea which they could link to their previously written challenge. This task could replace the traditional maturity test since it serves a similar purpose. By publishing their results in Massidea.org, the students could get more visibility for the work they’ve done for their thesis and possibly more feedback than through the traditionally used publishing methods.

In conclusion, the workshops proved to be a good method to bring Massidea.org partner from different UAS together to discuss currently relevant topics. Each workshop was able to produce new ideas, point-of-views and suggestions.

Laurea’s Massidea team would like to give a big thank you to everyone who participated to the Kickoff-event. We are looking forward to collaborating with you in the future projects regarding Massidea.org.

Massidea.org 10/2010 release notes

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This document summarizes the latest Massidea.org improvements.

New visual look
The most obvious change is the neutral white background based layout. This change is preparing the forthcoming improvement, which allows users, groups and campaigns define a personalized layout for their pages.

Groups and campaigns pages have been separated
Groups and campaigns pages are separated as individual pages.

There are now two kinds of groups: open and closed. In open group all users are accepted as group members without admin approval. In closed group becoming a member requires group admin approval.

Regardless of type, all group related contents are visible for all users. However, only group members can link content to group’s campaigns.

Group admin can delete the group. Deleting will also delete all group’s campaigns and campaign links.

Linking feature has been extended includes also groups and admin can link his/her groups to other groups.

External RSS feed can be shown in a group page.

Besides content page, discussion is also possible in group’s homepage.

Campaigns now notice the start and ending time. As a result you are able to see what campaigns are at the moment active, what campaigns have been ended and what are forthcoming. To link content to campaign requires that campaign is active (i.e. you cannot link content to forthcoming and ended campaigns).

Group admin can delete the campaign. Admin can also remove unwanted content linking from a campaign.

Linking feature includes also campaigns and admin can link his/her campaign to other campaigns.

External RSS feed can be shown in a campaign page.

Besides content page, discussion is also possible in campaign page.

Improved linking
In previous versions linking was only possible among contents. Now it is also possible to link groups and campaigns together.

Improved discussion
Besides content page, discussion is now included also to group, campaign and user profile pages.

In discussion thread the real time commenting is possible (i.e. users do not have to refresh the page to see new comments in the page, since they appear automatically). This feature is very useful when running a lecture or facilitating a brainstorm session. Just show massidea.org discussion on a white board and ask participants give their comments online. All comments will become visible without pressing browsers refresh button.

When making a reply, after posting the focus is transferred to your freshly replied comment. In a longer discussion thread this is very useful, since you do not have to scroll back to right place in a thread.

Users search
User search page has been totally re-done. Now you can search users also based on group and country on the top of previous user name and hometown. The information presented in the user search result list has also improved, now including such things as statistics and last login. You can also now sort the search result based on user name, last login, joined date, number of contents, view, rating, popularity and comments.

Hall of fame
Hall of fame ranks users, groups, cities and countries based on number of contents, popularity, comments, views and rating. What makes hall of fame very interesting is the fact that you can first do a users search and then see hall of fame based on the search result. E.g. for group admin this is very useful feature, since they are able to see group member ranks.

Password reset
Enter your email address to request a password reset. After this you will receive a link to a page, where you can change your password. 

A summary of the Massidea Networking Day

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Hello everybody! This post is aimed to those who could not attend the Networking Day held in Leppävaara the end of August, but also to those who did attend (thank you for coming!) and want to keep record of it. It is a brief summary of what happened there and what will happen on the future.

The day started around 9:30, when coffee was served and name labels and the programme of the day was given to the attendants. We welcomed all our partners from different Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland and from Aalto University and Finland Futures Research Center (based in Turku). Then the project leader Teemu Santonen together with Iiro Uusitalo from Satakunta presented all the development work that is taking place at the moment. The most remarkable thing is perhaps the change of environment from the old wikipage to Github. The development team has found this site more flexible and suitable to work on the project. From now on, the documentation related to the project will be found there. As this project is completely open source, everyone can join the development team! You can see what the guys are working on through Github, so I will only mention here few forthcoming things that captured my attention during the presentation: the possibility of implementing third-party applications in the site, a game based on popularity of the user’s content, the use of twitter and some functionalities that are already implemented (in beta phase) such as groups, campaigns, and even this blog. It seems that we are closer than ever to be not only functional, but also a revolutionary site. Keep in mind that the development team is at the moment a bit small, and integrated by students. I found awesome what these guys have achieved in few months.

After all the news, we went for lunch and keep the discussion going on.

The second part of the day was booked for our partners. They have been doing great in their respective units. For example, Päivi Timonen from Humak has been able to implement Massidea.org as a part of the curriculum studies. The students will use our platform to do their course assigments. This is just the beginning and will set the reference point for following courses and subjects. Also, we got reporting from two of the more active writers in the Massidea.org site: Beghosa and Tutu-VJL, from Kokkola and Turku respectively. Together they have written almost 200 articles concerning different topics. They explained ways to do research and how to write quality content. Tampere UAS (TAMK) was reporting too. Their amount of work within the project had decreased, but they were still happy to be participants of the development.

After these presentations, we had a conference with two developers based in India via Skype. They talked about their University and compared the Finnish work environment and education system to those in India. Having a real-time discussion with microphone and webcam between Finland and India was a nice experience for everybody.

After the conference, the interns from Laurea Leppävaara explained the performed jobs and tasks during the summer. Collaboration with some teachers and projects was one of the biggest achievements: we convinced teachers and researchers to use our platform in their projects. One of the new functionalities of the site, the possibility to create groups, was crucial for them to choose us. We also published an article in the Leppävaara Viikot magazine, aimed to the neighborhood of Leppävaara. The recently interest from many African students in Massidea.org led us to plan an African Day for them, roughly by the end of October.

But being active in Massidea.org does not mean neccessarily writing articles in the site. Senior lecturer Sari Jääskelainen went through all the Massidea/OIBS related thesis mde by students. All the thesis are listed in this blog.

Two developers from Aalto University joined us too. They are working on a geolocalization feature that will enable the users to see where the articles have been written among other things… but let’s keep the secret and wait for the new release of Massidea.org.

The final discussion took place while we enjoyed snacks and cocktail. Thank you to everyone who attend, and for those who did not, I hope this summary will encourage you to come to the next one.

Stay tuned!

Massidea Team.

Linking content to campaign(s)

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- Go to groups and campaigns page by clicking “groups and campaigns” link in the upper main navigation. Recent campaigns are listed on the left column. Click show more if you want to see more campaigns or use this direct link to see all campaigns.

 Campaigns:           /en/campaign/list

 - Click the camping name where you want to link your content and you will be redirected to campaign page.

  •  Alternatively you can also select your group from recent groups list from the right column and click the group name.
  • When you are in the group’s page, click campaign name in the group’s campaigns list.

 - In a campaign page click “Link content” link. Then select your content in the list, which you want to link to campaign.

  • Remember you can only add your own contents which are published. However, one content can be added to multiple campaigns.

 - If you want to remove your content from the campaign, go to your own profile page by clicking your username in the top right corner (you must be logged in).

  • Then click “Edit campaign links” link below the content which you want to remove from campaign.
  • Remove the link(s) by click remove link.

Joining to a group

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- Go to groups and campaigns page by clicking “groups and campaigns” link in the upper main navigation.

- Recent groups are listed on the narrow right column. Click show more if you want to see more groups or use this direct link to see all groups

 All groups:             /en/group/list

 - Click the group name you want to join

 - When you are in the group’s page, click “Join the group” link below “Add content” – button.

 - Now you have joined the group and you should see your username in the group members list which is in the left column in the group’s front page.

Linking your contents to other contents

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- You can link your published content to your own contents or any other users contents.

 - Go to other user’s content page in which you want to create a link (you can also go to your own content pages, if you want to link your own contents together).

 - If you want to link a challenge or a vision, click “Add existing” link in box which above content headline. Then select your content in the list, which you want to link.

 - If you want to link an idea, click “Add existing” link in box which below content body text. Then select your idea in the list, which you want to link.

 -  Now all individual contents are inked as a logical group, which stimulate your group members and other users to collaborate with you.

 - Later on you can also delete your links. To delete links click your username in the top right corner (you must be logged in). Your own public profile page will be loaded. Then click “Edit content links” link below the content which links you want to modify and make the changes you want.

Add new content

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- Add you insight to Massidea.org by moving your cursor to “Add new content” button in top right corner in any page. Remember you have to be logged in before adding content.

 -  Then select one content type (challenge, idea or vision) and click it.

 -  Following content writing guidelines (Appendix 1) and upload your content to Massidea.org by filling the form.

  • Depending on your preferences you can either 1) first write your insight e.g. MS word and then copy/paste it to Massidea.org form or 2) you directly write you insight to Massidea.org form.
  • If you group manager has given you a specific viewpoint to create content follow that. Otherwise, you can freely select your own viewpoint, which however must be relevant to your group.
  • It is important that you post your content in a group manager given timeframe if such timeframe has been given

 - You can either publish your content right away or save it for later publication. Other users do not see saved contents, but will see publish content immediately.

- You can also modify or delete your published contents later on. To re-edit published content click your username in the top right corner (you must be logged in). Your own public profile page will be loaded. Then click “Edit” link below the content which you want to modify and make the changes you want. Then save the changed and your content will be published right away. Click delete-link if you want delete you content. You delete decision is final, so be careful since you cannot return the content once it is deleted.