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How The Best Sewing Machine Helped Me Beat Boredom

It has been two years since I left my job to raise my child. Like most stay at home mums who at one time were used to full-time jobs, I got bored of staying at home. A close friend of mine advised me to start a project which I could work on from home. While I was still thinking of something constructive that I could do to pass time. She hooked me up with her neighbor who sells home made sewed items that she makes with her sewing machine. since I am very innovative myself this project was going to be perfect match with my creativity.

The things I needed to start, are fabrics and a good beginner sewing machine. I didn’t know much about good sewing machines, so I searched the internet for the Best Sewing Machine Reviews 2015 and the result was a long list of machines that have great features, design and capability. My aim was to find a machine that is specifically made to sew things that I enjoy making. While still browsing I saw a machine with the capability of making storage bags, pillow case, hand bags and pajamas which was exactly what I wanted. I bought it and started making beautiful products which I gave to friends as gifts and their response made start making garments for sale after two months.

Later I decided to take basic online sewing lessons for a month and perfected my skills of making scarfs, socks and clothes, from a combination of good fabric, thread and patterns. I went on to look for another machine which I would use to make curtains. The Best Sewing Machine Reviews 2015 had this Singer brand machine which had very many positive reviews from its users because it handles heavy sewing duties. I now spend my free time sewing my favorite clothes at home and it has become my new best hobby. I now don’t get bored because I am making creative items from nice pattern and fabric, thus I don’t intend getting a full-time job even when my child is grown.

My Little Apartment is Now Homier

When Benson and I finally got married, it was the happiest day of my life. However, it also meant leaving my parents’ big house and moving to a much smaller house- where we have stayed for the past two years. The challenge of living in a much smaller house took a toll on me, as I was used to living in a big house. My husband and I are saving money to buy a new house, say in the next five years- when the babies start coming. In that regard, we can’t afford to pay more money in the form of rent.

In that case, I had to think of a way to create space and make our small rented apartment more organized, spacious and beautiful. I hit the internet and the number of things that one can do to improve little space is just overwhelming. I found the idea of floating shelves more appealing and attractive. My husband loved the idea and was very excited. In the same month, we bought everything that was needed and planted several shelves on the walls of our small house- including the living room. At the very least, now I have a place where I can display my valuables.
The best thing about floating shelves is that they hang beautifully on the wall. Further, they can easily be fixed anywhere. Our walls don’t look cluttered even if we have limited space. Besides, even though they appear weak, they are very strong and capable of holding heavy items. For instance, our home entertainment systems, music system and television sit comfortably on these shelves.

Apart from their functional benefits, these unique shelves have considerably improved my home décor. We had the opportunity to choose several colors and designs that give our home a modern look. I am in love with my shelves and now have no problem staying in my little apartment for the next four years, or more. This simple and inexpensive idea of the hanging shelves made our house feel even homier. If you are fed up with your small house, try this idea; believe me, you will love what you see in the end.

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