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Purifying My Home Air

On the air purifier reviews you will find the guidelines on how to choose the right air purifier. The ideal air purifier model removes the most pollutant particles from your house. However, the effectiveness of an air purifier depends on the following factors: house size, the environment of where you stay, whether you have pets and many other factors.

The following are the factors to consider when buying one:

Clean air delivery rate (CADR); this is the evaluation of how capable an air purifier is in eliminating the air pollutant from you house. The CADR number is given for dust, pollen and tobacco smoke. The CADR is measured by the highest fan speed; keep that in mind when buying.

Safety: Not all the air purifiers used at home are safe to use. This is because some models produce gas chemicals which are irritating to the respiratory systems.

Air purifying performance: the purifying performance of an air purifier is determined by its design. It is important to match your actual needs with the product.

Energy use: With specification a good air purifier should consume less electricity with optimal use.

Good cost: It is important to purchase air purifiers that are affordable and also of high quality.

One feature of an air purifier is the HEPA filters that have been proven to work effectively. The filter needs to be replaced regularly as it is not washable and traps all the air pollutants. In the market, the term True HEPA is used by manufactures to show that the HEPA filter is certified. However, there are other washable filters that need not be replaced often.

Another feature is the ionizer that pulls air pollutants by electrostatically charged plates. The ionizer needs regular cleaning of the plates as they are covered with dirt and dust. A good ionizer air purifier produces ozone as the by product in less quantity making it safe to those with asthma.

A carbon filter is used to chemically bind the smell. Buy an air purifier with a carbon filter to remove odor. The filter needs to be replaced regularly as the carbon ends on removing odors.

A pre filter is used to prolong the life of a main filter. The durability of True HEPA filters is extended by using pre filters. It also helps to reduce the cost of replacing and maintenance as it is quite expensive.

There many advanced features of air purifiers in the market. Some of the advanced features are: air quality indicator, automatic fan adjustment due to air quality and dirty filter indicator

The air purifier reviews will help you compare the following brands; Blueair, GE, Germ Guardian, Holmes, Hunter, ORECK, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Idylis and Honeywell. These brands are the real deal and their specifications meet each consumers needs.

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