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Would elliptical machine be good exercise machine for me?

I have been gaining weight and menopausal belly. At this age, nobody in our group really goes to gym. So I am not going either. My husband suggested elliptical machine. But the costs are scaring me. Most of them cost more than $1,000. That means I might have to be very strict with my regimen after spending that much.

My sister in law maintains herself and in comparison I look dowdy. I do suffer with a bit of inferiority complex when she is around. God has blessed me with decent features and many other things. This belly is essentially my creation and honestly something I can do and need to do about it.

I have gone through some of the best elliptical machine reviews 2015 on the net. Funnily, there are many such lists. Sophisticated elliptical machines have many new features that you would not associate with an exercise machine such as Wi-Fi compatibility, cooling fan, and tablet holder. But what I did not understand is why I would need locking safety mechanism in an equipment that is not going anywhere. Or for that matter plug for MP3 player. If I have to buy one, surely I would place it in a room that already has the required music system. But then, even a fan is present in that room, right?

I guess, I have to select from the features from this list of best elliptical machine reviews 2015, and then search for the elliptical machine that meets my requirements rather than pay for something that I don’t really need. I am willing to pay for features like handles with swinging arms, quick start, and adjustable sitting. I also need that interval, cardio, and fat burning feature. Most of the machines also have warm as well as cooling down exercises apart from hill climbing and cross training.

So I am fine with such features. But I am not going to spend on machines with book holders, and water bottle holders. I am working at home, and if the machine expects me to exercise, then it should allow me to walk up to the refrigerator to fetch me some water. The cooling fan perhaps is the only additional accessory I need apart from other basic feature. I guess, I have to search some more for finding the best bargain. I, however, find nothing mentioned about suitability of the equipment for my age group.

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