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  • Mobile menu translation

    Tourists need prompt help for managing in service encounters. Most people use mobile phones. Dictionaries are available for mobile phones free of charge. Audio settings should be developed for using the dictionary as an interpreter in service encounters.

    Posted 26.01.2011 | Views 348

  • Unused solutions on hand

    Gaming is popular among teenagers and young adults. Serious games are of interest in the field of education. The term “serious games” is used most commonly to mean “games that have serious purposes,” not solely for entertainment. These are digital learning games that use modern gaming techniques.

    Posted 25.01.2011 | Views 370

  • Promotion of health and wellbeing through social media

    Lifestyle and habits are adopted during childhood and youth. Teenagers are key holders to the choices of the family and friends and trend setters for younger children. Our goal is to promote health and wellbeing of teenagers and their families by developing new means for communicating with teenagers (14-16 yrs).

    Posted 25.01.2011 | Views 814

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