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  • Islamin uskon kasvu Suomessa - miten kouluissa sopeudutaan tähän?

    Vuoden 2010 lopussa suomalaisista 78,2 % oli evankelis-luterilaisen kirkon jäseniä. Viime vuosikymmeninä muslimeja on kuitenkin muuttanut Lähi-idästä, Afrikasta ja Aasiasta. Vielä 1990-luvun alussa Suomessa asui muutama tuhat muslimia, mutta nykyään heitä on arviolta yli 40 000 henkilöä, lukumäärän kasvaessa alati

    Posted 12.10.2011 | Views 523

  • Visiting Tanzania after 10 years

    I have been working in Tampere-Mwanza project in 2008 and 2009. Those six months spent in Mwanza made me notice some little things which could be done differently. This article reflects my observations and how I wish things develop within the next 10 years.

    Posted 13.09.2011 | Views 487

  • Detecting radon gas from indoor air

    Like mentioned in linked challenge, radon gas is a common problem in buildings which are built in ridge areas. Radon increases the risk of lung cancer. In this article I discuss about detecting radon from indoor air.

    Posted 13.09.2011 | Views 504

  • Invisible threat in new build homes

    Radon is a common problem in buildings which are built in ridge areas. In Finland the rate of radon contents of the indoor air are among the biggest in the world. Radon’s breakdown products increase the risk of lung cancer.

    Posted 13.09.2011 | Views 217

  • Waste, waste, waste… what to do with it?

    The national aim is that 30 % of all municipal waste is utilized as energy by year 2016. How is the city of Tampere responding to that and why the citizens are not satisfied to the new waste management plans.

    Posted 13.09.2011 | Views 215

  • Project report: Water and soil analysis from the Lake Vaakkolammi

    Pollution which has happened decades before can be seen still in water quality. This article reflects the findings of a project made in TAMK’s chemistry labs in 2007. The purpose of this project was to study water quality of Lake Vaakkolammi as well as the quality of the soil next to the lake.

    Posted 13.09.2011 | Views 203

  • Bulimia learning

    Bulimia as itself means chronic eating disorder bulimia nervosa, but “Bulimia learning” gains a very different meaning. This term stands for studying method in which the studied things are remembered only temporarily and it does not give desirable learning results. It should be replaced by better learning strategies.

    Posted 13.09.2011 | Views 287

  • Lifestraw – easy access to safe and clean drinking water!

    By buying Bonaqua water you will donate safe and clean drinking water to Kenya! Portable water filter could be the solution to prevent common diarrheal diseases. It can provide safe and clean drinking water where ever one goes.

    Posted 24.05.2011 | Views 306

  • Tehdään jotain vain siksi että "kaikki muutkin tekevät"... Miksi?!?

    Lapseni sai nimensä nimenantojuhlassa, ei kastetilaisuudessa. Toiset eivät kuitenkaan ymmärtäneet miksi lasta ei kastettu. Minä kysyin että miksi olisi pitänyt kastaa ja vastauksena sain "koska kaikkihan kastetaan". Miksi ihmiset käyttäytyvät kuin lampaat, tekevät kaiken mitä toinen edellä, sen enempää ajattelematta?

    Posted 18.05.2011 | Views 279

  • Bahir Dar SAWE -project

    This article reflects the main objectives of the project Bahir Dar SAWE (Improvement of self-sufficiency and sustainability in sanitation, waste and energy project in Bahir Dar). The article describes the main challenges in Bahir Dar and the idea how this project will help to solve existing problems.

    Posted 03.05.2011 | Views 555

  • Threats of the future vision of utilizing human excreta in energy generation

    This article reflects challenges which might prevent the future vision “Human excreta to biogas and fertilizer” come true. Please see the linked vision.

    Posted 28.04.2011 | Views 212

  • Human excreta to biogas and fertilizer

    In the future toilets which are recycling human excreta to biogas are widely used and unlike in 2011, most of the people living in poor areas in developing countries have access to proper sanitation.

    Posted 28.04.2011 | Views 368

  • Practical training report written by using ”copy-paste”-method

    Many study programmes include practical training period and students are supposed to write a report about it to get the study credits. Sadly but true, students often do not care about the quality of their practical training reports.

    Posted 15.04.2011 | Views 296

  • How to make our ecological footprint smaller?

    My previous article dealt with the ecological footprint caused by extensive traveling by plane. In this article I will discuss the ecological footprint caused by using personal cars instead of public transportation.

    Posted 22.03.2011 | Views 519

  • Internationalization vs. ecological footprint

    People consider internationalization as important and eligible thing. However, travelling (especially by plane) makes ones ecological footprint bigger than ever before. Humanity is in ecological overshoot with annual demand of resources by exceeding what Earth can regenerate each year.

    Posted 22.03.2011 | Views 229

  • Soil protection

    Environmental conservation has long been concentrated on water pollution control and groundwater protection. However conservation of soils has been much more underdeveloped although soil is next to water vital for all life and economical development.

    Posted 24.02.2011 | Views 322

  • Transboundary waste disposal

    Recycling and treatment of hazardous waste are often very expensive in western countries. That encourages companies to export their waste to low income countries where strict laws or regulations for pollution do not exist.

    Posted 24.02.2011 | Views 323

  • Practical training period in Mwanza, Tanzania

    My practical training period was carried out under North-South Local Governance Cooperation programme: Tampere-Mwanza project. This article reflects the challenge faced in waste management in Mwanza city.

    Posted 17.02.2011 | Views 394

  • Uimahallihygienia ja Pseudomonas aeruginosa -bakteerin esiintyminen Tampereen uintikeskuksessa

    Huuhka, A. 2009. Uimahallihygienia ja Pseudomonas aeruginosa -bakteerin esiintyminen Tampereen uintikeskuksessa. Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Available at:

    Posted 09.02.2011 | Views 388

  • Increasing hygiene education will make it better!

    This article is an idea for existing challenge Sanitation and hygiene problems in Mwanza.

    Posted 31.01.2011 | Views 337

  • Students - the unutilized resource

    It is usually difficult to find out how one can easily help organizations and their projects in developing countries and is the money donated really going to the right place. There is not any database of existing projects and neither responsible supervisor.

    Posted 31.01.2011 | Views 316

  • Waste reduction: disposable dipers vs. clothnappies

    Having a one-year-old baby has made me think about all the waste that is produced in families with small children. We are using disposable diapers; 6 to 8 in a day. That makes 180 to 248 diapers in a month. Just think about it. How many tons waste in one year, in one single city in Finland are produced? Too much!

    Posted 24.01.2011 | Views 321

  • Sanitation and hygiene problems in Mwanza

    Every day approximately 6000 children die to diarrhoea related diseases, mostly in developing countries in Asia and Africa. According to various estimations there are approximately 2,6 -3 billion people living without proper sanitation.

    Posted 21.01.2011 | Views 485

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