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  • Cleaning companies under surveillance

    A wise company always checks the backgrounds of its partner companies. Are they reliable, efficient and legit? Are visions and values similar? Furthermore, will they keep the image of your company clean, or is there something they could do to compromise your reputation?

    Posted 09.04.2011 | Views 226

  • Facing the challenges in domestic intercultural services

    In my challenge I pointed out how problems might occur when immigrants are working within the service sector without being familiar with the local cultural and language. The service quality might be lower or the service encounter might fail totally. How to solve this problem without discrimination?

    Posted 31.01.2011 | Views 256

  • Challenges in domestic intercultural service

    I'm going to discuss about challenges in domestic intercultural service encounters, focusing on people who go to another country to earn their living (immigrants and migrant workers who live abroad only temporarily for work).

    Posted 24.01.2011 | Views 286

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