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  • Making the world into a better place.

    Actually what it means is making ourselves see life differently and put more emphasis on well being of all humans not just our personal bank accounts.

    Posted 31.03.2011 | Views 364

  • Changing Massidea from a dumpsite to idea-farm!

    This site could inhibit some more interesting and innovating ways to collect and promote good ideas. It could incorporate more graphical interfaces to the idea postings, more possibilities to follow interactions, more involvement from outside organizations (not just AMKs) and a better future for the ideas.

    Posted 30.03.2011 | Views 486

  • How evolution continues?

    How do we affect human evolution trough technology?

    Posted 26.03.2011 | Views 313

  • What is Innovation?

    Riding the tidal wave of the everyday innovation breaking in to our lives trough windows and doors and cracks in the walls - what is innovation?

    Posted 26.03.2011 | Views 260

  • Say NO to phone bills !

    I am fed up with paying the monthly phone bill and getting it down is a big hustle. They don't give a better offer until i threaten to take my number to another service provider.

    Posted 26.03.2011 | Views 320

  • Emergency Video-Call

    Have you ever called the emergency line and had to describe an action scene while in middle of panic and adrenaline? It is almost impossible to describe everything correctly, even tough the trained personnel on the other end of the phone ask you a strict line of questions.

    Posted 18.03.2011 | Views 286

  • Comments?

    It is very hard to follow my own comments and likes/dislikes, groups, campaigns and other things im involved with on

    Posted 15.03.2011 | Views 280

  • How to make goverments more effective?

    We as humans have witnessed huge changes trough out history in the perception of the world around us and the ways to interact with it. The world used to be flat and the sun used to circle around the earth. But nowadays we know lot more about stuff than ever before ...

    Posted 08.03.2011 | Views 233

  • Live HD stream

    Rapid development in multimedia and network technologies give belief for live presentation of life undistinguished from or superior to quality of represented super HD mediums.

    Posted 06.03.2011 | Views 251

  • What is the universe made of?

    Is it possible to make up new laws for different entities?

    Posted 07.02.2011 | Views 219

  • Expense tracking: personal transport

    The total associated expenses regarding to personal transport would be gathered, processed and displayed for the single user and a reliable estimation could be given to third parties looking at similar means of transport.

    Posted 25.01.2011 | Views 264

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