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(26 Jan 2011)
Communications isn't just about speaking. Gestures are very important too. Of course, the dictionary is also a very useful tool when you don't know specific words but the best way to communicate is tolearn the language during a stay in the foreign country
First they can use gestures. Maybe they can communicate by writing because sometimes it's easier to understand when it's written. So they can use dictionnary.
(26 Jan 2011)
People can use gesture to communicate.But I think people should make the effort to learn english at least. They may not speak the language of the country where they are but english is a must !
(26 Jan 2011)
Interesting question Maria.I think the only or the best way could be to learn the language of the country they live in as their basic conversation language.It is going to be a big mess if each one want the other to learn their language or the contrary.
the other solution, in case they are not in an english speaking country, I suggest they all make efforts to speak English as it is today the international language, and used even in international business and I think in almost all the countries of the world people learn English as a second language at school and a lot of European students are bilingual English (not in France though)because they know it is the international and business language.