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  • Finland in 2025 from ecological point of view

    The challenges with nature, increasing pollution and waste as well as global warming are enormous in Finland in 2025. There must be found new ways to solve these problems and create new ways to live and consume.

    Posted 20.12.2011 | Views 217

  • Finland in 2025 from social point of view

    Socially, Finland has changed when coming to year 2025. People are more open-minded in order to react to things in other countries as well as accepting new cultures and ways to live. People know more what is happening around them.

    Posted 20.12.2011 | Views 195

  • Project portrait for Campus Connexus

    Campus Connexus is a project that aims to increase the development of networking in several universities in order to create new ways to keep students activated and designing their own study paths.

    Posted 20.12.2011 | Views 225

  • Connecting through social media

    Social media provides us many opportunities to market, inform and create. Instead of having everything online, we should harness social media to complete our real life instead of having our lives in social media.

    Posted 19.12.2011 | Views 159

  • Connecting through social media

    Social media is more and more used to replace real life meetings, events and encounters. In my opinion, social media should be harnessed to provide us more opportunities but it should never replace real human contact.

    Posted 19.12.2011 | Views 179

  • How to market an energy drink through social media

    Energy drinks targeted for young men aged 15-25 could be marketed on different kinds of social media concerning entertainment, games and having fun.

    Posted 19.12.2011 | Views 167

  • The challenges in grocery shopping

    Finding the right items as quickly as possible is a real challenge in today's supermarkets. The stores are full of products in long, high shelves - but things are so difficult to find when the time is limited. Could shopping in supermarkets be easier and more efficient somehow?

    Posted 21.11.2011 | Views 159

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