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  • Public Transportation - Modern Pigstys?

    According to, people use trams, trains and other public transportation as extensions to their living rooms. Public transports are filled with all sorts of rubbish and even bodily fluids. Cleaning them costs a lot of time, effort and money, and this type of behavior is hard to prevent.

    Posted 27.06.2011 | Views 298

  • Rating System Part Deux

    I have written a couple of articles regarding implementing a more sophisticated article rating system ‎on Funnily enough, I stumbled upon a very similar looking rating system on ‎ My idea is to take Wikipedia’s example and use it on as well. ‎

    Posted 06.06.2011 | Views 379

  • Internship opportunities for international students studying in Finland

    International students studying in Finland often face difficulties in finding internship opportunities ‎that would support their professional growth and potentially offer them a permanent job in the ‎future.

    Posted 26.05.2011 | Views 293

  • C.A.R.S Rating System’s current rating system could be replaced with a more ‎sophisticated rating system that caters for both peer and expert reviews. My idea is to apply web-‎based content evaluation method known as C.A.R.S. ‎

    Posted 12.04.2011 | Views 457

  • Rating System that has value to content producers

    Users can already rate content on by giving it either a "Thumbs Up" or a "Thumbs Down". However, when users produce content they are looking for feedback that is more precise. On the other hand readers want a feedback system that sums up their thoughts and isn't too elaborate

    Posted 23.02.2011 | Views 422

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