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  • Newspapers vs Internet

    In the developed countries almost everybody has a computer and internet access which means also access to news in internet, however there are still people who prefer newspapers but for how long time?

    Posted 30.06.2011 | Views 489

  • Uniting brands

    Uniting brands is a way to compete in the market and while one brand is good two brands in one product is even better.

    Posted 28.06.2011 | Views 421

  • Effective working habits

    A planned and structured work or just doing the thing that you feel like doing now. What is more effective?

    Posted 27.06.2011 | Views 370

  • Internet censorship

    Internet censorship in some countries is more strict than in other. Where is the border when it's enough to maintain the liberty to get information but at the same time respecting the social norms.

    Posted 27.06.2011 | Views 287

  • Strikes

    Strikes are used as a method to express workers dissatisfaction with their workplace well-being and employers are losing money while their employees are protesting. At the same time clients are losing time and money while the service staff is not working.

    Posted 27.06.2011 | Views 154

  • Customers first?

    The slow customer service in the Post of Latvia made me think what is more important – fast and qualitative customer service or finishing other tasks before the end of the work day.

    Posted 26.06.2011 | Views 153

  • Equal Europe

    Although European Union was created to achieve balanced and sustainable development in the whole area of EU differences between different member countries are huge. In addition those are not only cultural differences but what is more important differences in living standards.

    Posted 22.06.2011 | Views 158

  • Specialized shops vs Supermarkets

    Today`s challenge for retail business is the battle between small specialized shops and huge supermarkets where we can buy everything.

    Posted 20.06.2011 | Views 206

  • The cornerstones of tourism industry in Amsterdam - are they acceptable?

    Amsterdam is a destination for many tourists and in many cases not only to take a look at the nice city but quite often also to legally try marijuana. Is that just a good trick to attract more tourists or socially irresponsible deed.

    Posted 17.06.2011 | Views 249

  • The culture of virtual communication

    Nowadays huge part of our communication is online and when it gets to more official style of contacting people it is usually via e-mail.

    Posted 14.06.2011 | Views 160

  • Linked together

    The latest incident with bean sprouts that caused death of 29 persons, also the eruption of volcano in Iceland that paralyzed all air traffic just makes to think how linked together we all are especially in the Europe.

    Posted 14.06.2011 | Views 172

  • Promotion for alternative energy

    The idea about using alternative energy resources more in future is great but it will take a lot of effort to make it come true.

    Posted 13.06.2011 | Views 196

  • Endangered languages

    There are around 7000 languages in the world but it is said that in the next 40 years 90% of all the languages will be dead.

    Posted 10.06.2011 | Views 222

  • Eye-catching application

    When applying for a job it is quite often done by copying the same introduction text and application letter for many companies. Although it's not the best way to look for a job sometimes it works.

    Posted 10.06.2011 | Views 171

  • Food is art, food is business

    People already thousands of years ago learned how to enjoy food. Nowadays there are people who eat to not to feel hungry-and fast, and people who enjoy food. Restaurant business - is there still anything new that could be invented?

    Posted 09.06.2011 | Views 184

  • Young politicians

    Young people are needed in politics but although people are complaining about current politicians they still keep voting for them. So how can future politicians prove themselves and gain voter´s trust?

    Posted 08.06.2011 | Views 204

  • Our time is running out

    More and more technologies that should make our lives easier and daily duties faster to be done but less and less time to do everything. Paradox or a logical result of having too easy lives?

    Posted 06.06.2011 | Views 208

  • BioCosmetics - new industry

    People start to care about their health and our influence on nature. For real or is that just a trend? Doesn't matter because it creates a niche for new businesses such as producing organic cosmetics.

    Posted 03.06.2011 | Views 212

  • When money rules the state

    Oligarchs-a power that is hard to fight. Once they have their authority and power to rule it takes a lot of effort to reduce it.

    Posted 03.06.2011 | Views 136

  • Not only birds are tweeting

    The significance of the speed of information has become extremely important. It has been important in all times but now when the speed with which it is possible to spread information around has developed so far that it takes only few seconds it is significant to know how to use it efficiently especially in business.

    Posted 03.06.2011 | Views 194

  • Fake intellect

    Plagiarism at the same time with access to internet has spread rapidly especially among high-school and university students.

    Posted 01.06.2011 | Views 189

  • Immigrants will save the pensions

    To manage to keep the high living standards in Europe it will be needed to host more and more immigrants that could help to handle the financial pressure. Since the society in Europe is aging work force will and already is needed from countries outside borders of EU and Europe.

    Posted 01.06.2011 | Views 213

  • Motivation to study

    Motivation is literally the desire to do things. Sometimes students lose this desire to study and improve themselves if there is no obvious reason or need for that.

    Posted 25.05.2011 | Views 248

  • Being in a foreign society

    More and more people are going abroad and it takes some effort to adapt to a new environment, get used to cultural differences and get known with local people. Sticking to our own culture then can be an obstacle that delays adaption.

    Posted 23.05.2011 | Views 161

  • Rooky in the labor market?

    Young people in labor market. It is definitely a challenge for them - for us.

    Posted 23.05.2011 | Views 153

  • Internet affects people`s lives more than ever

    The latest absurd concerning influence of internet is an Israeli girl called after "like" button on Facebook. How far will this go?

    Posted 23.05.2011 | Views 296

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