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  • If man had everything!

    Imagine a man, woman, a place or a country had no need or want at all, would there be any essence of life? If everyone and country had all the money and food that they need and want, would there be a need for work, would there be developments and inventions?

    Posted 07.07.2011 | Views 270

  • Technological advancement could help curb corruption

    Lack of checks and checking systems in institutions, whether in public or private sectors sets ground for corruption and inefficient use of time and resources in those institutions

    Posted 30.06.2011 | Views 1106

  • "Natural resources are always at the heart of tribal wars"

    Just a thought for us to think about! An indepth feature on aljazeera webpage reports "climate change, population growth and pollution mean that water wars may be the defining conflicts of the 21st century"

    Posted 30.06.2011 | Views 261

  • Fueling the destruction

    It wouldn't seem wrong or a misjudgment if one thought that the French and its allies want Libya to decend into civil war. France has confirmed it dropped arms to rebels in Libya. This is dangerous and puts the whole region at risk says African Union Commission chief, Jean Ping.

    Posted 30.06.2011 | Views 204

  • People with HIV and traveling restrictions

    Countries like New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Singapor and Qatar do have restrictions and/or ban entirely on entry of people with HIV into their country.

    Posted 29.06.2011 | Views 146

  • Nuclear weaponry and word power

    The West (USA, UK, France, etc), do not want some certain countries, particularly, Iran and North Korea, to possess nuclear weapons like they already have.

    Posted 28.06.2011 | Views 147

  • War and Money

    Lots of money go into funding a war, that is a fact! Money goes into the planning and preparation, logistics, etc, so we call those expenses of war. Just as moneys goes out from the war account, there is an equally receiving account, into which the money goes into. Talk of "double entry accounting system"

    Posted 28.06.2011 | Views 144

  • Registered prostitution

    The first ever prostitute or sex entrepreneur (used interchangeably) has been registered in the Finnish Trade Register.

    Posted 24.06.2011 | Views 218

  • Racism and xenophobia

    Having a look at definitons of both racism and xenophobia (in Oxford English Dictionary), one would realise the differential meanings of both words. However, the words seem to be used interchangeably to mean the same thing when such an incident has taken place, esp; in different countries or racial backgrounds.

    Posted 23.06.2011 | Views 185

  • Cleaner energy in the air

    An airline giant, KLM has plans to use recycled cooking oil on 200 flights between Paris and Amsterdam.

    Posted 22.06.2011 | Views 175

  • Solutions for students

    With the dilemma of which thesis topic to write on and/or of which would contribute to academic resources, students could this platform to share ideas and bring forth good topics that could make good research works.

    Posted 22.06.2011 | Views 144

  • Cultures and International Business

    Hofstede (1980), has established links between cultures and organizations. These connections are how the culture of a particular group of people (national cultures) do affect the way those people conduct their businesses.

    Posted 21.06.2011 | Views 142

  • Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely

    In Africa where presidents assume to possess absoulute power,the absolute power tends to corrupt them absolutely. With the power comes, veto, loss of fear and loss of service to humanity which ironically is a major responsiblity of the office of the president

    Posted 15.06.2011 | Views 221

  • Blue for Finns; Brown for outsiders

    Plans by Finnish authorities to start issuing foreign citizens in Finland ID cards that are a clearly different colour from those issued to Finnish citizens.

    Posted 15.06.2011 | Views 234

  • Politics in Africa

    It is envisage that there would be momentum shift of world economic development from Asia to Africa in the next decade and beyond. Is Africa however, ready to take a lead role on the world stage with all it's political instability?

    Posted 14.06.2011 | Views 165

  • Different perspective

    Often, when someone has a different perspective to a subject or an object from our own way of viewing the same object or subject, we tend to think that the person is wrong. To put it in simpler terms, we often say "this is the way WE do it."

    Posted 13.06.2011 | Views 130

  • Internationality makes a difference

    It has been felt that educational institutions with English-taught programmes successes were all linked to international students and intercultural encounters

    Posted 13.06.2011 | Views 132

  • Immigration: Problem or Solution?

    With EU's population ageing, and fewer active workers support ever growing numbers of retiree, it is perhaps immigrants who hold the key to the continent's prosperity. The countries from which immigrants may come from would then most certainly develop the problem of lack of labour and even ageing population.

    Posted 31.05.2011 | Views 181

  • Language: A major barrier to jobs

    Foreigners may still find difficulty in landing jobs for which they may adequately be qualified for irrespective of the level of professional qualifications they might possess if they (foreigners) can not prove potential in the Finnish language, at least, to the working level.

    Posted 26.05.2011 | Views 194

  • The unwritten convention of IMF

    The BRIC economies(Brazil, Russia, India and China) have criticized the IMF that the tradition of appointing an European as managing director of the International Monetary Fund undermine "its legitimacy".

    Posted 25.05.2011 | Views 167

  • Foreign students and projected labour force in Finland in the next decade

    Graduates with professional qualification may not get work opportunities or job offers in the labour market due to factors such as incomprehensibility of the language by most foreign students.

    Posted 23.05.2011 | Views 183

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