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  • Using heading of the post as permalink could increase the search enginee ranking.

    The current url system of could be changed to plain text url for better search engine optimization and better Google ranking. It is also easier for people find topics by Google search.

    Posted 30.06.2011 | Views 1253

  • profile editing and password change

    Indeed the development team of is doing a great job building this great social enginee of innovation. I have noticed some features that are lacking in this site that could be added for better useability.

    Posted 29.06.2011 | Views 475

  • Online teaching could change the traditional teaching method.

    Learning online is very different than learning in the traditional classroom. In the class the student must be attentive and note down what the lecturer has to say becuase she has only once chance to pen down important things but in online video lecture student can watch multiple times for better understanding.

    Posted 29.06.2011 | Views 1078

  • Obesity related social challenge

    Perhaps obesity is the only disease that gets disgust, bullying and receives neglecting from the people. Obese people are not only suffering from health danger but the way society treats them puts their social life as well is mental health in danger.

    Posted 27.06.2011 | Views 238

  • Education for all, all over the world.

    Education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can see prosperity without education. There are hundreds of thousands of educational institute across the globe, yet millions of people are left uneducated despite enormous efforts. In this vision, I envision of a 100% literate world.

    Posted 25.06.2011 | Views 248

  • Flooding: A deadly natural disaster.

    In the simplest term flooding is when the water level rises in an area. Among all the natural disasters flooding is one of the disastrous problems that can lead environmental, financial and human loses. Even in the 21st century, the cause of death of thousands of people is flooding. How can we prevent it?

    Posted 24.06.2011 | Views 250

  • Re: Using words racism and xenophobia

    Use of words are really important in influencing people positively or negetively. Often the media creates hatred because of using wrong words. People also use wrong words when giving opinions willingly or unwillingly, it just happens. Question is when to use the right word, Racism and xenophobia ?

    Posted 23.06.2011 | Views 285

  • Comments Tracking and Editing Functionlity

    With no question in mind, the idea of for smashing ideas together in one platform is just amazing. Even though the site is still being buit, there are some things that could be fixed for a better looking and usable platform for smashing ideas.

    Posted 23.06.2011 | Views 392

  • Social dilemma of Facebook

    Its no wonder that Facebook changed the way we interact with people. No other social networking site went this deep into our social life as Facebook. You will notice people networking with each other on buses, trains and even when flying. However, this social network is creating some social dilemma in our lives.

    Posted 22.06.2011 | Views 330

  • how to choose right Programming language.

    When there are too many choices, making the right decision is always a hurdle. The same philosophy applies in IT projects.

    Posted 22.06.2011 | Views 259

  • Marketing of Mobile Software for start-ups and individuals.

    Unlike desktop applications. Mobile applications such as games have less than a minute to catch the attention of the user and if failed to do so, one customer is lost because there are lots of mobile applications out there competing with one another. It gets more challenging for small start-ups and solo developers.

    Posted 18.06.2011 | Views 295

  • Survival of the fittest in the mobile wold. A NOKIA story.

    Recently market data shows that the mobile giant NOKIA which once played monopoly in the cell phone market has seen the lowest market share in 14 years. This challenge in the mobile world for Nokia is huge. How can they handle it ?

    Posted 17.06.2011 | Views 305

  • P2p Softwares and Illegal downloading.

    File sharing is the act of giving access to your digital goods. Innovation has happened with p2p file sharing soft wares, people can share soft wares, games, pictures, movies and music to anyone who has an internet connection and a p2p software client installed on their pc. However, it raises a legal question.

    Posted 16.06.2011 | Views 362

  • Technology addiction leads to depression.

    Depression is a terrible feeling of down and blue. It is different than feeling stressed or sadness. Research have shown that, there are technology related depression problems among teenage population. How can we solve this technology related depression problem ?

    Posted 16.06.2011 | Views 241

  • Future of Nokia's Revolutionary Maemo Device.

    Nokia is not only a name in the mobile world but its a legend in the mobile phone industry. Nokia set so many examples to our future generation for innovation. However, as new and new innovations coming out from this powerful company, some things are greatly ignored and left out.

    Posted 16.06.2011 | Views 277

  • The dangers of epidemic outbreak of baby viruses.

    Medical scientists are constantly looking for cures to existing diseases but the new born viruses every year threatens our health every year and most of all it makes us so worried that our daily life is disturbed.

    Posted 15.06.2011 | Views 221

  • Conspiracy theories and the role of the Media.

    Media has been an integral part of our society. Media provides us information that we need. While media plays a vital role in almost every social aspects, it can be a danger for the society if biased and providing false information.

    Posted 15.06.2011 | Views 309

  • Computer related memory loss problem

    Technology can be curse when it becomes and addiction and we human get dependent on it.Before the invention of computer and internet, people had to remember lot of things and be much more careful about information. Now a days, we are leaving our important information about life on computer on a great extent.

    Posted 15.06.2011 | Views 256

  • Lands of the Forgotten.

    Believe in fairy tale or not, there is a day of reckoning coming when we will document the lands of the forgotten in books, films and in the tale of word of mouth.

    Posted 13.06.2011 | Views 245

  • Women's rights are human rights !

    Throughout the world, people are fighting for human rights. Even though there are somewhat equal rights between man and woman despite being different physically and psychologically, so many woman's rights are neglected and in many countries woman face terrible negligence.

    Posted 13.06.2011 | Views 284

  • Democracy Defined !

    "Democracy is messy" said president BARACK OBAMA on a white house statement. He was right on his ground but the big question of all time is how can we define democracy in better way since it is vital to our social well being and prosperity of a nation. In this article, I envision of a better democratic world.

    Posted 11.06.2011 | Views 264

  • Challenges for Entrepreneurship at present !

    Every single human has entrepreneurial skills deep inside them. Some take advantage of the opportunities and let their entrepreneurial side flourish, others keep in buried in them. Entrepreneurship is much different in 21st century than earlier world order. There are lot of challenges that an entrepreneur face.

    Posted 11.06.2011 | Views 268

  • Boredom Could be a life threatening health problem.

    Ups and downs are common in life. Boredom, depression and stress are some common things that bother human life. Research has shown that people who are suffering from some sort of risk factor, boredom could be life threatening for them. So, how can they manage boredom.

    Posted 10.06.2011 | Views 268

  • OLPC Foundation's one Laptop per Child Program Could change the world.

    Some people can not even think of a day without computer. Imagine a day when all the computer stopped suddenly, would not the world suddenly feel like came to an end ? yes, that how deeply computer has been involved in our life and the OLPC foundation envision of a world where every child will have a computer.

    Posted 09.06.2011 | Views 238

  • Mini spacecraft in search of civilization across universe.

    Probably the mother earth could feel during the formation of its lands that one day that A group of intelligent civilization called mankind will a have a profound impact in leading the multi-verse parliament.

    Posted 09.06.2011 | Views 286

  • Yet another form of web virus.

    Have you noticed that you installed a free or paid software and you happen to see so many changes in your computer such as change of default search engine on your browser or a notification that you got viruses until you buy their product ? In this Article, i call them another form of virus.

    Posted 09.06.2011 | Views 291

  • Improper web advertisements

    Today, advertisement is one of the fundamental cores of a businesses success strategy. Not only companies spend billions of dollars every year behind offline advertisement, but now a day a large portion of the advertisement budget of the industries goes online.

    Posted 09.06.2011 | Views 222

  • Skill shortage among the future professionals after graduation.

    A lot of young people attending university more than ever and employers are targeting these graduates for recruitment. There are worries of quality over quantity since graduates are lacking skill shortage even after attending years at the university.

    Posted 09.06.2011 | Views 224

  • Quality Recruitment in Companies

    With the click of a mouse anyone can submit an application to a job posted on the internet. It takes a lot of checking for the recruitment managers to screen through and invite suitable candidates to interview. However, the quality of the recruitment still remains an issue. How can companies choose best applicant ?

    Posted 09.06.2011 | Views 230

  • The cultural Clash

    Cultural Clash is when different societies and people disagree on the way they live on. It can also be the clash from difference in values of life and moral codes. It can lead to misunderstandings and disputes.

    Posted 09.06.2011 | Views 261

  • End of Moore's prophesy, End of Next Generation ?

    The father of computer chip Gordon Moore observed in 1965 that number of transistors in a computer chip is doubling every 2 years. In other words the speed is doubling.

    Posted 08.06.2011 | Views 229

  • The future of society from alcoholism.

    Drinking is a social norm now a days. Getting drunk and hangover are more common than ever before. As consumption of alcohol is increasing day by day, social problems are arising and children are being interested in it.

    Posted 08.06.2011 | Views 260

  • Reinventing failed software projects.

    According to a dynamic market research by about 62 percent of IT projects fails to meet schedule and 25 percent are cancelled before completion.

    Posted 07.06.2011 | Views 308

  • The online society in future.

    Finland was the first to address Internet as a legal right for every citizens living in the country. Following them, many other countries have decided the same thing. In this writing, I envision a more secure & regulated online society as internet usage becomes one of the fundamental rights of human being.

    Posted 05.06.2011 | Views 306

  • Space Travel: The challenge of speed.

    In this gigantic universe, we are tiny little creatures. We have landed on moon, seen 15 billion light years back. But before the vastness of the space, our technology loses its stance because we are not even able to reach our nearest star while their are trillions of trillions of stars in the visible universe.

    Posted 04.06.2011 | Views 269

  • MicroCredit's micro problem could be micro enough to eat up your financial stability.

    At the outset, micro Financing's primary motive was to develop interpretable skills among the poor towards innovation and prosper their lifestyle. However, now a days, it is offered globally as personal micro loan for purchasing also. With staggering interest, micro credit is no more a micro problem.

    Posted 04.06.2011 | Views 268

  • The robust web mafia.

    Denial of service or DOS attack has been used to interrupt activities of big web giants such as Amazon. While the Attackers remain unidentified, identifying them is one crucial step to securing the on-line services, its safety and reliability.

    Posted 04.06.2011 | Views 278

  • Global Economic Imbalances

    Unless the policymakers take a sincere action to this problem, economic depressions seems to be an everlasting challenge to the world.

    Posted 04.06.2011 | Views 288

  • Peace is a challenge to achieve.

    Around the globe everyone talks about peace. For decades, peace between Israel and Palestine has been on the table but hardly people came to the common ground for a peaceful world. Question is How can we really achieve peace ?

    Posted 23.05.2011 | Views 305

  • Machinima short films and music videos

    Creating short films and music videos using machinima.

    Posted 22.05.2011 | Views 283

  • Liberty and Liability

    People often criticise the government of intruding their liberty as a human, but who takes the liability that liberty creates.

    Posted 21.05.2011 | Views 271

  • Safe drinking water for all

    Even though 70 percent of the world is water, Not all have access to safe drinking water.

    Posted 21.05.2011 | Views 320

  • Its a child's birth right to have a parent.

    Society is changing, the way we live changing. The change is depriving a group of innocent angles of their birth rights.

    Posted 21.05.2011 | Views 292

  • End of the web era, end of a generation

    Do you dream to own ? If you ever have, let it just be a dream because the internet era is coming to an end and judgement day is on its way.

    Posted 21.05.2011 | Views 341

  • Social Networking Liberty

    As web technology is shaping the way we do and think, it is intruding our mind and personal liberty.

    Posted 21.05.2011 | Views 310

  • How can I trust my interiewee ?

    On-line could give an edge to trusting the interviewee. Friendliness and communication could change the podium.

    Posted 21.05.2011 | Views 277

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