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  • Internationalised symbols to facilitate acces to the services

    Our concept is to create an international group of signs and symbols, which could be spread worldwide. Because we are studying hotel and restaurant management, we want especially to concentrate to the signs and symbols that could be used in the service field. The symbols would facilitate access to the services.

    Posted 20.02.2011 | Views 247

  • International body-language

    In intercultural encounters where two people don't speak the same language, usually they try to communicate with body-language. Normally it works, but there can be problems in understanding. I think that body-language and hand signs could be made as an own language.

    Posted 26.01.2011 | Views 211

  • How to minimize problems in service field that are caused by cultural differences?

    My challenge is to find ways to prevent problems from occuring in intercultural encounters. Sometimes it's difficult for people from different cultures to encounter. For service employees, travellers and immigrants, it's important to be able to put differences behind and try to co-operate the best they can.

    Posted 24.01.2011 | Views 199

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I totally agree with you. When you go to a foreign country and you do not speak a common language with your interlocutor, you begin to try to say words in your language but as long as the conversation goes on, you see that the person in front of you does not understand, so then you try to express yourself with body signs and it works finally. I think that it is an own language, the instinctive language, the universal one.
(02 Feb 2011)
I think it is a very good idea. If signs was an own language, it would be a woldwide known langage. Signs also have a meaning after all and they traduce what people think.
I am agree with your idea ! I think body language and signs language it's a real language.
But I think it's difficult to have an important conversation only with signs.