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  • Future of chemical industry in Finland

    I am going to graduate as a chemical engineer in the near future. I have done my practical training in chemical plants and that have lead my thoughts into the future of chemical industry in Finland.

    Posted 23.02.2011 | Views 396

  • Pollution in developing countries

    Currently it is rare that there is any bigger problem with heavily contaminated environment in developed countries. On the other hand developing countries have big issues with heavily contaminated areas. And why is that?

    Posted 31.01.2011 | Views 443

  • Tackle your energy consumption

    Climate change is something that everyone has heard of and have some sort of opinion. When there is discussion about how to prevent it everyone is talking industry and it’s emissions. And when you’re trying to talk about wasted energy on homes comments are ¨Amounts are so small, it doesn’t matter¨.

    Posted 24.01.2011 | Views 374

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