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  • Environmentally and hygienically clean hotels

    In modern day world the standards for hotel cleanliness are high and the concern for the state of our environment is even higher. How hotels answer and face these problems? What should they do better to ensure the safety and happiness of their customers?

    Posted 10.04.2011 | Views 214

  • Promoting Laurea via exchange students

    We want to study the needs and preferences of exchange students studying in Laurea. This will help us to understand what kind of services they require from Laurea and LAUREAMKO (our student union). As we provide better quality services the students will knowingly or unknowingly promote Finland when they go back.

    Posted 11.02.2011 | Views 323

  • Providing better customer service for exchange students in Finland

    So the goal is to promote Finland and Laurea University of Applied Sciences in universities around the world using the exchange students in Finland. This will create more demand for Finnish universities and open new opportunities for Finnish exchange students. This idea will answer how this will be possible.

    Posted 31.01.2011 | Views 345

  • Promoting Finland via exchange students

    This challenge is directed towards exchange students. What kind of services and/or activities they need from our university to feel more welcome in Finland? If the experience in Finland is positive this will create a word-to-mouth type of promotion for Laurea and generate additional demand for Finland amongst students.

    Posted 23.01.2011 | Views 251

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Create a small group of local students who will guide the new students around the university, the city, make them do some typical activities, make them learn the language and the traditions etc. Plus, the foreign students need to express themselves and ask specificly for what they'd like to do with the local students in order to really make them discover this new environment.
(31 Jan 2011)
We already have that, they are called Tutors. The problem isn't really in the orientation but how to get the exchange students to promote Finland when they get home. Of course arranging a proper welcome to Finland and making them feel at home is the first step. Now we just need to find out how to activate them after they leave.
Make a survey for foreign students to know their feedbacks. Otherwise you can organize a special information meeting at the beginning of their courses to know where they can find accomodation, to explain the system of public transport, the days for the garbage, the system of the university, ...
Lot of useful information to feel comfortable in the country and to feel considered by the university.
(31 Jan 2011)
Yeah the survey sounds good. We're already trying to make them feel at home. We have a group of volunteer students, Tutors, who guide them through the semester. But there's always room for improvement and the survey could help us to pinpoint the problems.
(24 Jan 2011)
That's a very current challenge.Maybe doing some questionnaire to exhange students will help you in your challenge. Good idea!