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  • Algae against malnutrition

    Algae can in the near future solve food scarcity around the world. Production in bioreactors can further more produce special production concentrated on omega-3 fatty acids. Algae can also be used in the biodiesel and biogas production as well as in the production of pharmaceutical compounds and bacterial toxins.

    Posted 03.06.2011 | Views 393

  • Environment Friendly Concrete

    Yet another option to use ash waste as a raw material. Oil shale ash can be used as replacement of cement in classical concrete. This way the carbon dioxide emissions, energy demand and waste are reduced.

    Posted 04.04.2011 | Views 490

  • Mortar from waste

    Turning waste material into raw material is one of the greatest booms in waste management and waste reduction. New products produced by waste utilization can be used for example as construction material.

    Posted 04.04.2011 | Views 442

  • “Green” optical storage medium

    Optical storage media currently widely used are petroleum polymers based products. A new Eco-innovation project studies the possibility to produce optical storage media based on biopolymers.

    Posted 04.04.2011 | Views 193

  • Touch, please!

    A simple silicone breast model at doctor’s offices to gain experience with breast cancer lump identification.

    Posted 04.04.2011 | Views 192

  • Breast Cancer - and problematic diagnostic methods

    The risk of breast cancer in young female patients and in male patients is increasing. Cancer is no longer a disease connected with high age. This development should put new pressure on the updating existing diagnostic methods as well as new communication of the connected risks.

    Posted 04.04.2011 | Views 255

  • Carbon Credits vs. Environmental Taxes

    Environmental taxation should replace carbon credits.

    Posted 21.03.2011 | Views 223

  • Carbon Credits: ups and downs

    Carbon credits seemed to be a great idea how to reduce carbon emissions and meet the targets set by Kyoto Protocol. However did we only create an illusion something constructive is happening?

    Posted 21.03.2011 | Views 204

  • Wild Wild Middle Europe no more!

    Rejuvenation of the Czech politic scene, stricter punishment for bribery and system transparency are necessary to smash corruption in the Czech Republic.

    Posted 23.02.2011 | Views 282

  • Corruption in Czech Republic – No more excuses!

    Corruption is one of the main reasons of foreign entrepreneurs and investors to withdraw from the Czech economical environment. Whatever the reason for high corruption in Czech Republic is, it needs to be talked through, criticized and fought against.

    Posted 23.02.2011 | Views 231

  • Corruption in Czech Republic – Wild Wild Middle Europe

    High level of corruption is decreasing the economical potential of Czech Republic. Based on the CPI 2010 ranking, Czech Republic stands on 53rd place out of assessed 178 countries and the trust to the official institutions is on the same level as in developing African countries!

    Posted 23.02.2011 | Views 264

  • Practical training: Nutrient recovery

    Nutrients in human urine are easily available for plant uptake. Source separated human urine could be used as a fertilizer to boost agricultural production. Furthermore urine source separation and reuse would reduce volume of waste water and resource use for artificial fertilizer production.

    Posted 14.02.2011 | Views 317

  • Methodology proposal for biodegradation analysis

    Measurement of biodegradability of organic solid matter is time demanding and requires expensive equipment. The project presented investigates the applicability of automated OxiTop® -C110 system for soil respiration in the biodegradability analysis of solid organic pollutants in soils/compost.

    Posted 14.02.2011 | Views 331

  • Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Separation of hospital wastewater

    Possible solutions for reduction of pharmaceutical concentration in the environment. The need for separation of waste water and new legislation.

    Posted 07.02.2011 | Views 259

  • Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: concentration in the wastewater

    Pharmaceuticals present in the environment have been recently recognized an increased threat for all living organisms. What are the risks connected and options for risk management?

    Posted 07.02.2011 | Views 258

  • Final thesis: Biodegradability analysis of pharmaceuticals used in developing countries; screening with OxiTop C-110

    Vanková, M. 2010. Biodegradability analysis of pharmaceuticals used in developing countries; screening with OxiTop C-110. Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Available at:

    Posted 02.02.2011 | Views 287

  • Development in Solar Energy

    Imagine that only a simple painted tile system or a roof could mime plants and produce energy efficiently from the visible spectrum of light! Are we on a doorstep of individual energy production?

    Posted 31.01.2011 | Views 322

  • Clever paint saves energy on heating/cooling

    Will paint on our walls, floor or ceiling save our heating/cooling energy in the future?

    Posted 31.01.2011 | Views 296

  • Phosphorus recovery from wastewater

    New methods of spontaneous struvite crystallization and calcium phosphate amorphous precipitation are true sustainable solutions for phosphate recovery, WWTP waste reduction, reduction of heavy metal use and cost reduction.

    Posted 24.01.2011 | Views 254

  • Fly ash re-use

    Waste and energy consumption reduction, conservation of natural resources and material recycling are the one of the main challenges for future sustainable development.

    Posted 24.01.2011 | Views 327

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