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I do not think that produce individual service for tourists is such a good idea because when people are abroad, it is often because they want to learn more about foreign culture. Offering them services that they could find in their cultural background will probably be useless..
Moreover, how could you manage to organize so much individual services ?
(02 Feb 2011)
This would be great, but I think it would be a waste of time..
It is much easier to produce standards once you have studided the market and most of all the target. But this does not mean that each country is a different country. People from different countries could belong to the same group of target, or the opposit..
It seems a good idea but I think It would be difficult to produce individual service for each tourists.

And also,maybe people would think that is discrimination to make difference for each culture.
The market has to create standards. The only part who do that well is luxury. Everyone loves luxury.

Be gentile with everyone is a minimum, but can we treat (or just look) a Texas Bimbo and an emirates wife the same way?

That's where I disagree with Maria :)

(25 Jan 2011)
I think we have to serve all people in the same way even if they have different cultural backgrounds. Customer service have to be gentile for everyone. Of course it is good if you know many languages and can give service to costumer in their own language but the most important thing is staff`s behavior and what kind of service they give for the clients.