Taking Ideas from Previous Workshops Further - ‎28th of March 2011 - Workshop 2 ‎

Added by Massidea.org Network group

This workshop continues the Learning Cafe discussion had in the previous network event focusing ‎especially on theses. The results of which can be viewed here

Start time: 21 Mar, 2011

End time: 31 Dec, 2011

This workshop is part of Massidea.org’s network event held on the 28th of March 2011. Even ‎though the physical discussion will be had during the actual event, everyone who feels they have ‎something to say can join this campaign. ‎

The purpose of this campaign is to come up with solutions of how the ideas presented in the last ‎network event could be carried out in practise. This workshop also offers an opportunity for ‎Massidea.org partners to get assistance and guidance in implementing the service into their ‎organisation’s thesis process. ‎

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