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NIMBUS 2011 is the Annual Technical Festival of NIT Hamirpur, INDIA.
"Alchemy : Resurrecting Detritus"
Transforming Waste into Wealth

Start time: 30 Jan, 2011

End time: 06 Mar, 2011

ALCHEMY is an ancient science which incorporates the conception of transforming the base metals into gold. ALCHEMY personifies 'Renaissance'. These aspects can be co- related to the modern era where one of the major concerns is waste management. To materialize the concept of renaissance on a micro as well as macro scale we've centralized our technical fiesta around it. It is a step ahead in rethinking waste management and institutionalizing the informal sector into the hierarchy of solid waste management. ALCHEMY also endeavours to cover genres of RURAL INDIA and Da Vinci Machines. Rural India focuses on the development of rural India by generating wealth from waste while Da Vinci Machines highlights the concept of perpetual machines as penned down by Da Vinci centuries ago.

This March, let us recycle!

The institution of Nimbus 2011 is multi dimensional in the sense that it diversifies into two sub themes- 'The Da Vinci Machines' and 'Rural Engineering'. The Da Vinci Machines covers the aspect of implementing the prototypes propounded by a great scientific visionary Leonardo Da Vinci. It is an endeavor to innovate, imagine and aspire. This revolves around the central idea- "things of the mind untested by the senses are useless." This year we move ahead to bring back to life the dead wastes.

Rural engineering harps on the ideology of magnifying the range of technology to make it accessible to common man. It endeavors on devising a technical know-how which can be used as a prototype to be implemented on a large scale for the benefit of rural India. It will incorporate events pertaining to technology from the perspective of rural India.

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