Founded: 28 Jun, 2010

The African team is being formed to bring together African students in and outside Finland to share ideas, expose challenges, and provide solutions that are vital to economic development and to mankind.



In this epoch of technological influx, the world has become an e-globe where incidents occurring in other parts of world can no longer be swept under the carpet. The inception of social media channels like, Facebook, Tweeter, Flickr, and YouTube are one of the causative tools.

Social media has come to stay and it plays an important role in our everyday lives ranging from politics, social issues, economical, and other related issues. For instance, in 2009 last summer, social media became the primary medium for people in Iran in bringing information about abnormalities and predicaments that dissidents encountered during the country’s presidential elections.

We are not creating the African team as a sort of political activist but we are creating it to unite fellow African students, share our views and experiences, learn and support each other with our individual tacit knowledge.

Fellow African student, how wonderful it is to express your opinions in a working environment where space is unlimited and the sun never shines or sets, why don´t you join us as we use Massidea’s platform to smash the challenges facing our continent. It is democratic, no face-to-face interactions but the technology supports collaborative learning and research.


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    Fellow African student, share your views and experiences with your contemporaries.

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(24 May 2011)
Is it okay to join this group even if I'm not an african girl? But lived and worked in Tanzania though..