Interprofessional RDI Summer School for Master’s Students MSS 2012

Founded: 11 May, 2012

we ask you to write about the following:
-methodological challenges of the thesis/project
-ideas and thoughts related to the methodological challenges
-any visions in relation to the potential of the methods used in your thesis/project.



Your written entries should show what method(s) you use in your thesis, or which method(s) you plan to use, and any reflective and critical thoughts you may have about the methods and methodological considerations.


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(21 Jul 2012)
Globally number of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias was 36 million in the year 2010 and it is estimated to rise up to 66 million by the year 2030 and 115 million by 2050, as a result of global ageing. The cost of the disease was $604 billion in 2010. These diseases will hurt the sustainability of health and finance systems in the future.
The aim of my study is to promote exercise as a motivational factor for middle-aged women as a means of memory health promotion in prevention of dementia. Target group of this study is women aged 40-65 years of age from Kouvola municipal areas. The data collection method is number graded scale where the client can rate her opinion about motivation to exercise. To achieve the above mentioned aims,this research question is explored. What is the most important motivation factor for physical exercise among middle-aged women participating in Kouvola memory health promotion project? SPSS will be used to analyze the quantitative data.
(27 Jun 2012)
Prevention of dementia is crucial in middle age people.
(21 Jun 2012)
I intern to use a content analysis for my thesis, of which the certral idea is to find the correlation between two variables.

However i come to understand that content analysis will not answer the research questions. After consultation from my supervisors it seems that SPSS will be the best option.
(20 Jun 2012)
wounderful ideas
Strategy implementation with coaching

I study, how Flamo Oy’s Visionmatrix achieve results in strategy implementation. Visionmatrix is a tool to organize strategy implementation as a process which regard vision, objective, goal, values, operations, customer&interest group and business idea thru present state analysis. It will be driven thru all organization states from top to down. How to lead and manage with sharing responsibility. I use a present state analysis as a tool to evaluate the progression. It will evaluate the progressions, but it does not grade the Visionmatrix itself. How could I also evaluate differences between other strategy implementation tools?

Questions: Is it more rational to eval. different organizations that same organizations progress? Quantitative or qualitative? Quantitative is easier, but is it accurate, when quality is also important in organizations strategy implementation? How to define the problem as this project can easily explode to mega project.
(12 Jun 2012)
The topic is to find factors in improving service model which will help SME in outsourcing business to grow in EU area. The major challenge isn't only to find these factors, but then to be succesful in implementation. The big challenge is to decide the limitation - should I only concentrate on finding factors, but also include the implementation part? At the moment I feel, that implementation plan should be a topic for re-research. On the other hand my ambitious plan is to make change and by collecting data and coming up by some proposals doesn't make change yet. So, what to do?

I was planning to collect data by questionnaire and interviews. In the beginning I thought to point this to some customers and known prospects, but after secon thoughts I propably include also some other stakeholders. This is also a challenge - where to get correct data? Other source for data collecting is literature. I've chosen few concepts which I'll follow within literature choices.

The thesis topic is about introduction of specific ERP in international mobility administration. The tool shall improve effectiveness within the work of international office.
The biggest challenge is to choose a most appropriate method for data collection. Most like it will be a survey among those ones who already use the software. If so, I need to make sure that I have enough number of responses, and the obtained data is reliable.
Besides, I faced some problems with formulating the core problem and objective of the thesis. I still do, actually.

I know that further thinking is required here. Hopefully, ideas received during the course will lead me out of this :)
(04 Jun 2012)
2. Open questions regarding the choice of development methods

-Sample size is great but the response rate may be low (15%), how will this effect the validity, accuracy, of the thesis?
-With the responses of the questionnaire, how will I be able to develop an efficient model to promote accident reporting?
-How long questionnaire will cause potential respondents to ignore it? Including the usage of the computer, the questionnaire should be answered in 10 min?
-How I increase the reliability, consistency, in analyzing the respondents’ answers?
-How I name the methods used to analyzed the research results?
-What method to use to analyze results?
(04 Jun 2012)
The research group will be the health workers at the elder care places in Kouvola, who use the TAPE accident monitoring system. A questionnaire will be send via work e-mail to both entry level health care workers and managers. Sample size is estimated to be 600 – 1 000.
The questions on the questionnaire will ask information on demographics,then about the orientation, usage, exploitation, and managers’ styles of benefiting the TAPE program. With the answers I aim to find out:
- how orientation is carried out?
- are workers encouraged to report all accidents?
- workers’ opinions about the usability of the TAPE program?
- are workers regularly informed about the results of TAPE reports?
- how the managers are exploiting TAPE reports?
- do workers and managers feel like needing more training to TAPE usage?
With the data collected by the questionnaire I aim to develop a model to increase accident reporting and increase awareness of use of existing accident data in injury prevention.
(04 Jun 2012)
Methodological Summer School for master’s students – MSS 2012
“The use and exploitation of the accident reporting system – TAPE – in elder care in Kouvola”
1. The starting point / Draft a conceptual framework for thesis project:
The Start center project at the Center for Injury and Violence Prevention in Kouvola would like to find out how TAPE – accident monitoring program is used and exploited in elder care places in Kouvola.
TAPE is a web based electronic accident and injury reporting database developed by the Start center and the software company Amli Ltd. The TAPE program shows real time data of reported accidents. It also shows ready reports by time and type of accidents.
By recording all accidents into the TAPE program, meaning continuous data collection into the same data base, gives injury data which can be used in injury prevention.
Start center monitors TAPE usage but would like to find out with greater details how the TAPE program is used by the nursing sta
(03 Jun 2012)
The purpose is to increase accident reporting to gain more statistical data about them for getting more information to help develop ways in reducing accidents.
(03 Jun 2012)
Thesis method: e-questionnaire to nursing staff to find out what they think about web based accident reporting system, TAPE, which they are currently using.
(02 Jun 2012)
Challenge is personal or social related problem. It describes the current status of affairs and recognizes the need to resolve the matter. So, the methodological challenges of my study is to find ways/concept by which we can reduce the number of patients that needs acute kidney injury treatment, be it conservative or medical. Ideas are solutions to today’s challenges and visions of the future related opportunities and threats. Idea is always the starting point, plan for potential innovation. So, my ideas are health promotion, empowerment, intervention; because if we can preserve wellness, we reduce the number of times a patient needs to enter the health care system. Vision is a future scenario, which is most likely expected to be realized in the long run. Visions identify opportunities and threats and help generate new ideas. AKI is a major health problem in Finnish population. Thus, early and effective control of high blood pressure may be considered an effective therapeutic approach.
(02 Jun 2012)
Topic:Nursing interventions of acute kidney injury(AKI) patients.
AIM:To describe nursing interventions of acute kidney injury patients. To make AKI patients understand the causes of AKI, how to prevent AKI, how to treat AKI.
Method: Analysis will be carried out through literature review of nursing journals. Books with concepts such as nursing research, acute kidney injury, health promotion, epidemiology, blood pressure, dialysis and health care.
Results: Shows that, if we can preserve wellness, we reduce the number of times patients needs to enter the health care system, thus reducing cost. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. There will be less patients that needs dialysis treatment or kidney transplantation. According to the Finnish Heart Association, more than half a million Finns suffer from high blood pressure one of the causes of AKI. Therefore, through patient education, empowerment and health promotion, patients with AKI can live a healthier and longer life.
(31 May 2012)
Effective management in changing environment

Tags: Change management, university of applied sciences

Working culture isn´t static as it maybe has been in the past. Change is constant in business and good change management is critically important for organizations to succeed, even in universities of applied sciences. Changing environment brings new opportunities, but also insecurity. Controlled process of change always requires high quality management.

The objective of my study is to examine the expectations and attitudes towards a change process in KyUAS and in Mikkeli UAS. My thesis will be carried out as a qualitative case study. I will use interviews and surveys to gather the information. My challenges are linked to my own role, since I´m both the researcher and a part of the group I´m investigating. I think my biggest challenge is how to be an unbiased, reliable researcher.
(31 May 2012)
Title: Factors that affect the health of West African women living in Helsinki
There are no available studies carried out in Finland so the main challange i am facing now is retriving reliable research article to help me in writing my literature review. I will definately get huge amounts of information through my interviews and my challange will be to pick what is relavant for my study or not.
(31 May 2012)
Title: Factors that affect the health of West African women living in Helsinki
I will use qualitative research methods for my study because i want to gather in depth information from the women so that i can know which factors they consider as barriers to health care. Some of the factors that are on my mind are nutrition , health literacy, language barrier and physical interviews. With the help of indepth interviews, i will find out the main factor that this women consider as their number one problem. I will either use enthnography or grounded theory for collecting data. I will interview a maximum of five women from five diffrent countries from West Africa with an age limit of between 25-45. The women should have atleast lived in Finland/Helsinki for five years. The interviews will be taped and recorded and wil last a maximum of one hour. The results of my study will to provide suggestions to this women on how to improve there health in relation to the factor that i will focus on.
(30 May 2012)
Title:Exploring the potential of Islamic Banking in Morocco
For my study, both qualitative and quantitative methods can be used together as a valuable option to obtain complementary findings and to strengthen the results.For these reasons,and to achieve the aims and objectives of the study,both quantitative methods(questionnaire,survey)and a qualitative method(semi structured interviews)will be employed in order to obtain all the information.The questionnaire will be designed in accordance with the study's objectives and distributed to explore the respondents'attitudes towards the Moroccan commercial banking system and the possibility of establishing an Islamic Banking system.A third data collection method with descriptive data&analysis will be also used to build the literature chapters which relied on textual analysis and also secondary data(both qualitative&quantitative).All three of these methods will be employed to enhance, strengthen, and reduce weaknesses in each method.
(30 May 2012)
Title:Exploring the potential of Islamic Banking in Morocco
Despite an abundance of theoretical research on how Islamic finance operates and a growing number of studies of Islamic financial institutions in various national contexts,we know little about Islamic banking from the perspective of consumers.What shapes consumer demand for Islamic financial products? My topic falls into the borderline of finance and international Business.From finance perspective,since Islamic banking has an in-built dimension that promotes social responsibility it is interesting to explore this system which very correctly may be better protected from the financial crises.From international business perspective the cultural aspects that are embedded in Morocco and which impact the business development in that particular context are interesting.Both quantitative methods(questionnaire,survey)and a qualitative method(interviews)will be employed.A third method with descriptive data&analysis will be also used.
(29 May 2012)

What concerns my vision in relation to the potential of methods I used in my thesis work, I would like the mix of them looks like logical chain of thoughts, findings and conclusions. For instance, in the begining I have some hypothesis about forwarding documentation. so, there can be applied method of grounded theory. Then, I will make reasearch, interviews, data aquisition and data analysis and there will be used already the method of incomplete induction and at the same time content analysis. So, for every part of thesis work will be used the concrete method of scientific cognition. Or it is better to mix them? I'm not sure about it. Actually, I'm not strong in all this scientific things, like methods, methodologies, concepts. I just want to write my thesis correctly and to pack my thoughts and research results into scientific package in right way. =)))
(29 May 2012)

Thesis is devoted to question of documentation outsourcing among forwarding companies in the port of Hamina-Kotka. Is it required? If yes, then what kinds of collaboration and co-partnership can be exist? If it's not required then what else outsourced services are demanded in logistic field of Kymenlaaakso region?
Tags: logistics, outsourcing, forwarding, port Hamina-Kotka
Challenges: I have chosen 2 main methods for my research: incomplete inductive method and content analysis. For data aquisition interviews will be held also. Besides, for my research the method of grounded theory can be applied, because I have already some hypothesis.
So, my questions are:
-how correctly to mix all methods?
-on what method I should be focused?
-whar method is general and what is secondary?
-how much reliable these methods are?
(29 May 2012)

Risk Management in X Oy’s IT Service Management Commitments

Thesis will find a way how X Oy can manage service operation risks by taking into account the different customer types (ITIL service provider types) and their different needs. Thesis clarifies the interaction relations between the different selected variables and tells what can be promised to what specific need.
Tags: Risk Management, ITIL, Change Management, Service Management
The research tasks are these:
- Sorting the customers to Type 1, 2 or 3
- Sorting Type 2 to Local and Global
- Quantitative Analysis of Problem Ticket Data
- Qualitative Interview (inquiry)

The challenge is that I can use different risk management frameworks or approaches, but none of those approaches are near to that result that I’m trying to achieve. Is it possible that I do those tasks as planned, describe the most interesting approaches to the subject, pinpoint the biggest opportunities of development, but make the model of my own?
Character limit: 999/1000 =)
Character limit of 1000 is difficult..
(27 May 2012)
Lapsen osallisuuden vahvistaminen esiopetuksessa
Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena on löytää menetelmiä, joiden avulla saadaan lapsen osallisuutta vahvistettua/ lisättyä esiopetuksessa.
Tags: Osallisuus, esiopetuksen laatu
Opinnäytetyöni menetelmällisiä haasteista suurin on mielestäni: Miten saan tarvittavan tiedon kerättyä siten, että toimintatilanne olisi mahdollisimman normaali lapsille. Olen miettinyt keinoina videointia tai tilanteen äänittämistä. Videoinnin ja äänittämisen esteiksi saattaa tulla perheiden suostuminen. Tiedän, että joillakin perheillä on olemassa täydellinen kuvaamiskielto. Nämä menetelmät eivät silloin toimi jos en saa kaikilta perheiltä kuvaamiseen/ äänittämiseen lupaa. Mielestäni tilanne ei ole silloin normaali, jos yksikin lapsi siirretään tilanteesta pois. Tässä tapauksessa ainoa keinoni on lapsihavainnointi ja kirjaaminen käsin. Tämä ei kuitenkaan ole kovin tarkka menetelmä, jos itse pidän toimintatuokion.