Laurea A0105 - Autumn 2012

Founded: 13 Sep, 2012

This group is used to familiarize BIT2012 students in the A0105 study-unit with the basic features of Massidea




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(11 Oct 2012)
(26 Sep 2012)
I think this site needs high availability cluster with load balancing kkthxbb..
(28 Sep 2012)
if they can only maintaint the trafic and enhance the multi user sessions that woul be enough .. but seriously i would call this a lazy website
(26 Sep 2012)
it Doesnt matter what you dont think :-p
yo bro you're spamming
i don't think that too
(25 Sep 2012)
yea I think that too
(22 Sep 2012)
seriously u need a new user interface !!!!