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Founded: 18 Jan, 2011

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  • TASK 2: Positive and creative thinking

    Creativity is simple and we all got it. We usually have good ideas without any proplems. -the only proplem is that we think wrongly about the idea it self and i

    Ended: 27 Mar, 2011
  • TASK 3

    Link here 5 contents you have created for task 3

    Ended: 01 May, 2011

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Something positive found out about social media: http://www.vtt.fi/news/2011/041311_sosiaalinen_media_auttaa_ehkaisemaan_kotona_asuvien_vanhusten_yksinaisyytta.jsp

(this is only in Finnish, sorry)
(30 Mar 2011)
You know what i discovered? The massidea commentation board looks really dull. And you can not edit or delete you comments. That sucks!
(30 Mar 2011)
* http://innovationcast.eu/en/what_it_is
Yes, another corporation innovation solution from portugal
(30 Mar 2011)
Some innovation management tools on the net:

* http://www.featureset.com/
- My favorite at the moment, a web based online collaboration tool with possibility to use for free. I suggest it for school work eg. group tasks or something like that.

* http://ideascale.com/innovation-management-software.html
- Nice looking idea capturing platform

* http://www.spigit.com/
- A multi-use idea capturing platforms for all kinds of organizations

* http://www.accept360.com/
- Devoted more for sales personnel to capturing customer feedback into ideas

* http://www.flagpole-software.com/index.asp
- Has a quite interactive demo web-page of an idea management possibilities.

* http://www.sopheon.com/SOLUTIONS/AccoladeProcessManager/tabid/336/Default.aspx
** http://www.hypeinnovation.com/solutions/screenshots/
- Some enterprise solutions with nice looking analytics screens, pity that they give off so little graphical demonstration. Only "what we can do" text.
Thank you Henri for making this list.
(30 Mar 2011)
A not so interesting article about the future of innovation management software
* http://thefutureofinnovation.org/contributions/view/514/the_future_of_innovation_management_software
(30 Mar 2011)
One solution with a blog describing more details
* http://www.elguji.com/blog
(30 Mar 2011)
Here is an entyre list of solutions from a-z

* http://www.capterra.com/idea-management-software
(30 Mar 2011)
another list
(30 Mar 2011)
This place also offers to earn money for solving problems, but im not sure how legitimate this page is in its authenticity. But the link:
* http://www.ideaconnection.com/solve-problems-form.html
(30 Mar 2011)
how low can you go?

i challange to post as many sub-sequent replies as possible.
(30 Mar 2011)
oh really this is it? so boring
(08 Mar 2011)
hauskaa tutkimus video:

(06 Mar 2011)
Another great discovery :)

(08 Mar 2011)
Read at least the introduction to get a innovative look of our future - (warning: the all book might become interesting) http://21gov.net/wp-content/uploads/e-book.pdf
(06 Mar 2011)
There are great long solid articles about innovation in all kinds of aspects from respectful authors.
Great link!
(22 Feb 2011)
Fun, free presentation program and example:
(15 Feb 2011)
Guns Germs and Steel (where does technology come from?)

(06 Mar 2011)
there are total of 3 episodes ... they are all very interesting
Henriltä hyvä Linkki: http://www.ted.com/
(ideas worth spreading) -suosittelen! :) Täältä idoita tehtävän 3 avuksi!
(15 Feb 2011)
Up there is a campaign; while you do the moodle-tasks, by creating a content in Massidea.org, link your content to the campaign, so we can easily share our stuff...
(18 Jan 2011)
Ryhmä kypsyttelee vielä ideoitaan...
"Ryhmä kypsyy" :)