Founded: 24 Jan, 2011

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur is one of the twenty NITs of the country, established in 1986 as Regional Engineering College, as a joint and cooperative enterprise of the Govt. of India and Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.



The goals of the institute as embodied in the logo are truly remarkable in their scope of vision. The college provide Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate Education in Engineering, Sciences & Humanities; fostering the spirit of national integration among the students, a close interaction with industry and a strong emphasis on research, both basic and applied. It has been given the status of Deemed University.


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  • NIMBUS 2011

    NIMBUS 2011 is the Annual Technical Festival of NIT Hamirpur, INDIA. "Alchemy : Resurrecting Detritus" Transforming Waste into Wealth

    Ended: 06 Mar, 2011

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Team MEDextrous launches “BHUMI”-a campaign to save the natural resources of our dear “Mother Earth”.
Engineering is about innovation in our daily lives. We observed and realized that huge amount of water is wasted each day in flushing the toilet when the same could be done using less quantity of it.we figured out a solution and on experimental basis installed 2*600 ml plastic bottles filled with water in the flush tanks of the Neelkanth boys hostel. there by regulating the amount of water filing up the flush tank. It was observed that 1200 ml of water was being saved per flush as this extra amount now did not get filled up in the tank. on an average a hostler uses the flush twice a day, this helped us save 2400 ml of water per hostler per day.
Reuse of plastic bottles: 88 no’s
no.of hostlers: 536
Water saved per hostler per day: 2400ml
Amount of water saved per day: 1286.4l
Till NIMBUS 2011 we would have saved: 20582.4l of water
In an year : 4,69,536l could be saved.