N-00544-1 (TAMK) Development of Ideas in the Open Innovation Network

Founded: 03 May, 2011

In this group you can find the presentations and tasks as well as other materials for the tamk course "Development of Ideas in the Open Innovation Network."



After the course students will understand increasing role of the Innovation and Online Social Networks in contemporary society and economy at the national and global level.


Group's call of contents

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(25 Oct 2011)
Ensimmäinen kurssitehtävä löytyy "verkostoituminen" kampanjasta!

You can find the first tasks from the "networking" -campaign!
(10 Oct 2011)
Huomatkaa että kurssin ensimmäistä osuutta käsittelevä kampanja löytyy viimeisenä listasta (kampanjat aakkosjärjestyksessä).

You can find the campaing for the first section of the course (Networking) in the end of the campaign list.