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  • OIBS project Challenges
    There are still a lot of things to be done in the OIBS project. The biggest resources needed in order to completely implement this...
  • The Improvement of has to be speedy
    In order to for OIBS to meet its goal, there have to be speedy improvement in the development of the website...
  • There could be a future opportunity in sustainable agricultural biotechnology
    There is need for more food to be produced with less water and land in a sustainable way, without any adverse effect on human or its environment...
  • Filtering negative contents in
    If there are negative contents about individuals, organisation or fraudulent cases, the overall mission of mass could be affected...
  • Massidea could be a great problem solving environment for Finnish parliamentarians
    Finnish parliament can take advantage of the opportunity that massidea offer to communicate with their representatives...
  • Limited services in smaller banks
    Many small banks in Finland do not offer some services that the bigger banks offer. This is why many individuals, especially foreigners do not operate in these banks...
  • Enterprises seeking how to do business in Africa
    EXIMIN helps to guide businesses and individuals for the search for partners, cooperation and introduction of new products to new or existing markets...
  • ORE - Open Rendering Environment
    There has been public discussion regarding the possibilities for conducting publicly distributed rendering online.
  • National census challenges in developing countries
    Many data you will find today about most developing country population is not the true representation of the population because the data is based on the population census of over 10 years...
  • Further development of ideas in
    It is time for all the stakeholders in to start a chain of further development of ideas, challenges, and visions...
  • Linking of idea that are similar in technical team should include a features in that will enable content creators to link ideas, challenges and vision that are similar...
  • Not only birds are tweeting
    The significance of the speed of information has become extremely important. It has been important in all times but now when the speed with which it is possible to spread information around has developed so far that it takes only few seconds it is significant to know how to use it efficiently especially in business.
  • BioCosmetics - new industry
    People start to care about their health and our influence on nature. For real or is that just a trend? Doesn't matter because it creates a niche for new businesses such as producing organic cosmetics.
  • Reinventing failed software projects.
    According to a dynamic market research by about 62 percent of IT projects fails to meet schedule and 25 percent are cancelled before completion.
  • Equal Europe
    Although European Union was created to achieve balanced and sustainable development in the whole area of EU differences between different member countries are huge. In addition those are not only cultural differences but what is more important differences in living standards.
  • If man had everything!
    Imagine a man, woman, a place or a country had no need or want at all, would there be any essence of life? If everyone and country had all the money and food that they need and want, would there be a need for work, would there be developments and inventions?