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  • Parents try to get good salaries and therefore they work long days and then children are alone too much
    The problem with families is that parents have not time enough to their children: some parents want to earn huge salaries and they work very long days.
  • Pirkkala is wanted to be an independent small town in Pirkanmaa with high quality services and a high level of living
    Pirkkala is a modern small town very near to Tampere. It is a safe place to children, adults and senior citizen to live, study and get health care.
  • Sanitation and hygiene problems in Mwanza
    Every day approximately 6000 children die to diarrhoea related diseases, mostly in developing countries in Asia and Africa. According to various estimations there are approximately 2,6 -3 billion people living without proper sanitation.
  • Tackle your energy consumption
    Climate change is something that everyone has heard of and have some sort of opinion. When there is discussion about how to prevent it everyone is talking industry and it’s emissions. And when you’re trying to talk about wasted energy on homes comments are ¨Amounts are so small, it doesn’t matter¨.
  • Waste reduction: disposable dipers vs. clothnappies
    Having a one-year-old baby has made me think about all the waste that is produced in families with small children. We are using disposable diapers; 6 to 8 in a day. That makes 180 to 248 diapers in a month. Just think about it. How many tons waste in one year, in one single city in Finland are produced? Too much!
  • Pollution in developing countries
    Currently it is rare that there is any bigger problem with heavily contaminated environment in developed countries. On the other hand developing countries have big issues with heavily contaminated areas. And why is that?
  • Students - the unutilized resource
    It is usually difficult to find out how one can easily help organizations and their projects in developing countries and is the money donated really going to the right place. There is not any database of existing projects and neither responsible supervisor.
  • Increasing hygiene education will make it better!
    This article is an idea for existing challenge Sanitation and hygiene problems in Mwanza.
  • Uimahallihygienia ja Pseudomonas aeruginosa -bakteerin esiintyminen Tampereen uintikeskuksessa
    Huuhka, A. 2009. Uimahallihygienia ja Pseudomonas aeruginosa -bakteerin esiintyminen Tampereen uintikeskuksessa. Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Available at:
  • Utilizing waste heat in nuclear power generation
    I would like to suggest solutions to reduce public hostility to nuclear power : mainly Aquarium, Botanical garden, and Road heating system in the theme park by using condenser effluent from nuclear reactors. General public will become favourable to nuclear power by understanding benefits of the condenser effluent.
  • Practical training period in Mwanza, Tanzania
    My practical training period was carried out under North-South Local Governance Cooperation programme: Tampere-Mwanza project. This article reflects the challenge faced in waste management in Mwanza city.
  • Future of chemical industry in Finland
    I am going to graduate as a chemical engineer in the near future. I have done my practical training in chemical plants and that have lead my thoughts into the future of chemical industry in Finland.
  • Transboundary waste disposal
    Recycling and treatment of hazardous waste are often very expensive in western countries. That encourages companies to export their waste to low income countries where strict laws or regulations for pollution do not exist.
  • Soil protection
    Environmental conservation has long been concentrated on water pollution control and groundwater protection. However conservation of soils has been much more underdeveloped although soil is next to water vital for all life and economical development.
  • Bahir Dar SAWE -project
    This article reflects the main objectives of the project Bahir Dar SAWE (Improvement of self-sufficiency and sustainability in sanitation, waste and energy project in Bahir Dar). The article describes the main challenges in Bahir Dar and the idea how this project will help to solve existing problems.
  • Practical Training Period in Pori
    My three month practical training period was carried out as a process operator in Pori Site of the titanium dioxide manufacturer Sachtleben GmbH.
  • Practical training period in Kilpilahti, Porvoo
    I completed my practical training period as an operator at Borealis Polymers Oy Cracker plant. This article reflects the challenges faced as the workforce starts to retire.
  • Practical training
    Tässä raportissa on kerrottu Tampereen Ammattikorkeakoulun kemiantekniikan insinööriopiskelijan kesätyöstä Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy:ssä kesällä 2012. Työ on ollut samalla koulutuksen vaatima 12viikon pituinen 3.harjoittelujakso, joka on määritetty 15 opintopisteen arvoiseksi.
  • Borealis / practical training
    Tämä artikkeli käsittelee kemiantekniikan koulutusohjelman harjoittelujaksoani Porvoon Borealiksella, jossa olin vuoro-operaattorin tehtävissä kesällä 2011.
  • Tamk practical training period in Raisio
    My practical training period was carried out as a process operator in Raisio plant of Ravinto Raisio/Benecol unit
  • How to decrease carbon dioxide emissions caused by traffic?
    Emissions caused by traffic are significant in Finland. According to Tilastokeskus, the greenhouse effect emissions were 12,92million carbon dioxide tons in year 2009. Solution how to decrease emissions caused by traffic is important to find.
  • Decreasing private driving in big cities
    My practical training was carried out in Borealis. Summer in Kilpilahti gave me a lot of new perspectives, especially I was impressed of the way Borealis has organized employees getting to work. This kind of system should be launched other places too.
  • Dust problems in paper manufacturing
    Dust is released while manufacturing paper. Dust is causing different kind of problems in the production lines and that is why it would be important to solve how to decrease faults that dust is causing.
  • Jäte-aate projekti project picture
    Jäte-aate projekti is a pilot project at Tampere University of Applied Sciences testing long-term economical sustainability of storage containers for bio-waste. This idea maps dangers project can encounter.
  • Uuden energiajuoman markkinointi sosiaalisen median avulla
    Tärkeimpiä asioita markkinoinnissa on muistaa kohderyhmä, jolle tuotetta lähdetään ensisijaisesti myymään. Uusi energiajuoma on suunnattu nuorisolle, joten sosiaalinen media on erinomainen markkinointipaikka.
  • Pelimonopoli Suomessa ja EU-lainsäädäntö
    Suomessa on tällä hetkellä voimassa valtiollinen pelimonopoli, jossa voi toimia vain RAY, Veikkaus ja Fintoto. Tilanne ei kuitenkaan ole EU-lakien mukainen.
  • Aktiivisesti ikääntyen Pirkanmaalla -hankkeen projektikuvaus
    Aktiivisesti ikääntyen Pirkanmaalla on koulutus- ja kehittämishanke, jonka tavoitteena on kehittää ennaltaehkäisevää ja voimavaralähtöistä työotetta vanhuspaleluihin. Tämä artikkeli on projektikuvaus hankkeesta, ja sen mahdollisista ongelmista.
  • Visio työllisyystilanteesta Pirkanmaalla vuonna 2025
    Visiossani työpaikkojen rakenne tulee muuttumaan oleellisesti, mutta työllisyysprosentti pysyy melko samalla tasolla nykytason kanssa.
  • Visio Pirkanmaasta 2025 ekologisesta näkökulmasta
    Pirkanmaa on vuonna 2025 kehittänyt julkista liikennettä paremmin toimivaksi. Myös lähiruokaa tuotetaan enemmän.
  • Diverse Practical Training
    Not having a preset, invariable task for a practical training period might be beneficial for both the employer and the student.