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  • an increase in identity theft and fraud
    internet has many advantages such as online banking,money transfer,loan applications etc. but do advantages outweigh its disadvantages?
  • Bank card security issues
    Bank card users facing security threats
  • Pirkkala is wanted to be an independent small town in Pirkanmaa with high quality services and a high level of living
    Pirkkala is a modern small town very near to Tampere. It is a safe place to children, adults and senior citizen to live, study and get health care.
  • Limited services in smaller banks
    Many small banks in Finland do not offer some services that the bigger banks offer. This is why many individuals, especially foreigners do not operate in these banks...
  • Enterprises seeking how to do business in Africa
    EXIMIN helps to guide businesses and individuals for the search for partners, cooperation and introduction of new products to new or existing markets...
  • Saterisk
    Saterisk’s area of focus is Security and Social Responsibility.
  • Bikes get stolen - how to prevent
    Some people lift their bikes high up -- everybody can't do that. People wouldn't buy stolen bikes, if the knew for sure it's stolen. People wouldn't ride a stolen bike if everybody could see it's stolen. Bikes wouldn't get stolen if they couldn't be sold.
  • Improving Facility Key Management Processes with RFID Technology
    Private security guarding companies find it challenging to manage thousands of valuable facility keys effectively and securely. Security guards spend a considerable amount of time daily to key inventory work. By minimizing this time the companies could save costs significantly.
  • Just how safe the Internet is?
    In the 1990's when the Internet was commercialized, it was the beginning of a revolution. Now 20 years later it's an everyday service and we have access to Internet almost in every place on Earth. The thing is that when the number of users increase, dishonesty and criminal activity increases too. Is it safe anymore?
  • Innovative ways in preventing bicycle thefts
    Last year according to the Helsingin Sanomat over 10 000 bicycle thefts were informed to the Insurance companies. The actual number of thefts is much bigger because only a fraction of thefts is informed. Insurance companies payed 4 million € from stolen bicycles. You might say that locks arent enough anymore.