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  • Promoting Finland via exchange students
    This challenge is directed towards exchange students. What kind of services and/or activities they need from our university to feel more welcome in Finland? If the experience in Finland is positive this will create a word-to-mouth type of promotion for Laurea and generate additional demand for Finland amongst students.
  • Providing better customer service for exchange students in Finland
    So the goal is to promote Finland and Laurea University of Applied Sciences in universities around the world using the exchange students in Finland. This will create more demand for Finnish universities and open new opportunities for Finnish exchange students. This idea will answer how this will be possible.
  • Promoting Laurea via exchange students
    We want to study the needs and preferences of exchange students studying in Laurea. This will help us to understand what kind of services they require from Laurea and LAUREAMKO (our student union). As we provide better quality services the students will knowingly or unknowingly promote Finland when they go back.