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  • Unused solutions on hand
    Gaming is popular among teenagers and young adults. Serious games are of interest in the field of education. The term “serious games” is used most commonly to mean “games that have serious purposes,” not solely for entertainment. These are digital learning games that use modern gaming techniques.
  • Learning new skills in commuter trains
    During this winter commuter trains have been quite a lot late and stopped during the journey. In order to get some benefit from the extra stops some carriages could be marked with language tags where you could listen to e.g. some basic Spanish etc. expressions and learn basics of new language while travelling.
  • From physical employee training to e-learning 2.0
    The two-fold employee training issue could be solved by shifting theory parts of the training into social web services (e-learning 2.0).
  • Utilizing Case: Intercultural Approach to Service Field
    Assignments, courses and projects done in educational institutions can go beyond organisational ‎and regional boundaries if organisers and participants are willing to utilize the latest tools and methods. ‎This provides better opportunities for networking and builds capabilities for collaboration.
  •; a website where you can gain knowledge and donate rice to the hungry for free. is an online, interactive, educational and non-profit charitable game website. With just a click of a mouse you will gain knowledge and donate 10 grains of rice.
  • Bulimia learning
    Bulimia as itself means chronic eating disorder bulimia nervosa, but “Bulimia learning” gains a very different meaning. This term stands for studying method in which the studied things are remembered only temporarily and it does not give desirable learning results. It should be replaced by better learning strategies.