Added: 18.01.2010 11:07
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In the future there will be machines in the bars that replaces employees.

With this machine no-one have to do hard night work at noisy and smelly bars. There will be drinkmachines over the walls.

There is a screen where you choose what kind of drink do you want. For example beer, shots, drinks. You can choose from ready drinks or if you want to make your own mix.

Making your own drinks becomes easier because you don't have to explain what you want in your drink. The machine has a limiter that blocks drinks having too much alcohol in it. So that it is impossible to put more than 4cl booze in it.

This would make more people unemployed but that is the future.

Opportunity: Saves money as there is no need for bartenders

Threat: Customers can't behave, old people could have problems using it.

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(18 Jan 2010)
This is a cool idea, but have you thought about over-drinking? This should have something to control (especially Finnish) people from drinking too much.