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Brain implant headphones

In the future people will be able to listen to music from their mp3-players without headphones.

Mp3-players play a big part in modern day people's lives. These devices, although constantly getting smaller and more convenient to carry around, always require the use of headphones in order to actually be able to listen to something. Headphones can cause a lot of hassle: the lines get tangled up when the mp3-player is put away after use, they are prone to breaking down and thus causing extra costs when you constantly need to buy new ones, and so on.

Although currently there exist different kinds of bluetooth headphones, in the future it will be possible to install some sort of implant directly into your brain that will allow you to receive sound from your mp3-player wirelessly. This will remove all need to wear headphones and worry about whether they will break down today or tomorrow.

Once the mp3-player of your choice has been attuned to the implant in your brain, it will also be possible to change volume, tracks and other settings (e.g. sound equalizer) by the power of thought.

This technology will also enable the user to block all or some of the environmental sounds, like the noise caused by traffic, if the listener prefers so, removing all need to use ear plugs, even when not listening to music.

Opportunity: No more tangled up headphone lines yaaay!

Threat: Headphone sales will plummet.

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