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In the future it is possible to record your dreams.

In the future it is possible to record your dreams. "Dreamcatching" is done with a small headgear and a portable device, so everyone can record their dreams at home or while you are traveling.

Dreams are recorded in HighDefinition quality with sounds. Video will be seen just like you saw your dream.

Watching recorded dreams can be used later to analyze your personality and toughts. Recordings can also be used as a form of therapy.

When you can remember all your dreams, and know and understand what is happening and why, you can learn to control your dreams (lucid dreams)

When you can decide what you're doing in your dreams and when you can record them, you can basically create your own "movies" which have no limitations.

You could also upload your dreams to a website, to share your dreams with other people.

Dreamcathing brings you new possibilities, but is also something that must be taken seriously, watching your dreams can be very disturbing or scary at first, but might also be very rewarding or even helpful. When you learn to control your dreams, you might have more relaxed dreams but you might also end up with the most realistic nightmares you have ever seen. The Dreamcatcher is apsychiatrists' dream!

Opportunity: Dreamcathing can have a therapeutic reaction to people, and bring lots of fun to living.

Threat: You have to be careful; There might be some dreams you don't want someone else seeing, or don't want to see yourself.

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(10 Jan 2011)
sounds really interesting! I have several times written an essay or done some other writings in a dream, so it would be a great thing if i could see those essays on morning in my computer! It would ease studying if one can use those things what they have done while sleeping ;)