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Velcro 2.0 - Strong and versatile way to attach materials

Velcro fasteners are known for their many uses in mainly clothing. In the future much stronger chemical “Velcro” can be used in for instance building of interiors of homes, offices or cars.

General Motors has developed a strong adhesive that has many of the good qualities of Velcro. Just as with Velcro, joints made with this new material can be can be opened and fastened over and over again. However, as a big difference to normal Velcro, the strength of this new material is much greater, namely about 700 Newtons per square centimetre, which means that one square centimeter of this new Velcro will be able to hold the weight of approximately 70 kilos weight.

This kind of adhesive, which forms very tights bonds and whose stickiness is reversible, has many potential uses. With easily and tightly joining materials, users could change, for instance, the interior of a car exactly as desired, decorate office buildings easily, attach light separating walls for offices, to mention but a few possible uses.

Material is based on polymer objects that are firm in room temperature. Once those objects are heated the heat starts a reaction that forms a bond that will hold until the objects are exposed to heat again. The heat is roughly 70 degrees Celsius.


Patel, Prachi: Super Velcro, MIT Technology review 16.2.2010

Opportunity: Improved recyclability of materials

Threat: No threat

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