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To become a FIFA registered football agent

one deal can be running up to millions of Euros, depending on the kind of deal...

Football agency is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Becoming a soccer agent do not really take that much, but the reward at the end is immense. A soccer agent can scout for a good player and become the player agent. Normally, agents go to the grass root to scout for players. If a player is spotted to be talented, an agent can make a deal with the player and become the player's agent. Immediately the agent has reached an agreement with the player, the agent start looking for a club for the player. On the other hand, an agent might also be working for a football club to scout for players.

But the big deal is that, whenever an agent make a deal between a player and a football club, they always have their own commission. Their commission depend on their terms of agreement. An agent can make a deal between two clubs to sell a player or make a deal between an unattached player and a club. Whichever way the deal is done, the agent commission in one deal can be running up to millions of Euros, depending on the kind of deal and the stage the agent players are players ply their trade. So, if they have more than one player, that means they will be counting a lot of money.But the agent have to hard-working to get to this level. With hard-work, the agent can be making around not less than 450 Euros per week in the first first year or the first two years.

Football agents are really making a lot of money today as the football market is a very big market in the world and the market have room for many players, including football agent. There are some persons that are jobless or not satisfy with the salary they get from their present job, and at the same time, they have the potentials to become a football agent. Becoming a football agent could be a big money spinning opportunity for this set of people.

Anyone who love the game of football and have the ability and skills of identifying talented and young football players could be up for a big hit as an agent. Any individual ready to take this kind of job should be also ready to be very handy with a mobile phone and be preparing to handle several ties.

The work of a football agent can be very challenging at the beginning. So, a lot of determination and patient is needed to have a breakthrough. Anybody who has the gift of identifying young talents will no doubt be successful as an agent if he or she applies the resilience that an adamant entrepreneur would apply in a business.

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