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Homelessness—A Worldwide Problem

The worlds combined wealth, knowledge and technological know-how seems powerless to deal ‎with homelessness.‎

Homelessness or sleeping rough in UK is explained by Wikipedia as “the condition of and social ‎category of people who don't have a regular house or dwelling because they cannot afford, pay for, ‎or are otherwise unable to maintain regular, safe, and adequate housing, or they lack, "fixed, ‎regular, and adequate nighttime residence"” ‎

The actual legal definition varies between countries, institutions and most of all from one part of the ‎world to another for the reasons being that the approaches and aims of those studying the problem ‎influence the way they define it, which in effect affects the statistics they publish, which in turn ‎makes it difficult or impossible to get an accurate overview of the whole thing, for instance, Poland ‎has a population of 40 million with 300,000 homeless according to reports but no one really knows ‎the exact number though the figure is believed to be over half a million.‎

Let’s bear in mind that the definition varies from one place to another and institution to institution in ‎short some statistics might include certain people in its brackets whilst others will exclude them. ‎Regardless of statistical figures homeless or no homeless we are all humans and its everyone’s ‎responsibility to do something to reduce the worldwide report of over 100 million homeless people ‎meaning for every 60 person 1 is homeless.‎

Research question: What should be done to reduce homelessness? ‎

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