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Nanosolar Power Sheet – solar power soon cheaper than burning oil

New innovations in solar power technology are rapidly increasing the competitiveness of this renewable energy source

Many start-up companies concentrating on new production methods of renewable energy see big possibilities in the future. One of the most promising firms in this sector is a California-based company Nanosolar. This relatively young firm (founded in 2002) is working to build the world's largest solar cell factory in California and the world's largest panel-assembly factory in Germany. Their greatest achievement so far is that they have successfully created a solar coating that is the most cost-efficient solar energy source ever. Their PowerSheet cells contrast the current solar technology systems by reducing the cost of production from $3 a watt to a mere 30 cents per watt. This makes, for the first time in history, solar power cheaper than burning coal.

These coatings are as thin as a layer of paint and can transfer sunlight to power at amazing efficiency. Although the underlying technology has been around for years, Nanosolar has created the actual technology to manufacture and mass produce the solar sheets. The Nanosolar plant in San Jose, once in full production, will be capable of producing 430 megawatts per year. This is more than the combined total of every other solar manufacturer in the U.S.

At the moment, Nanosolar has two products, Nanosolar utility panel, specifically designed for utility-scale power plants and Nanosolar SolarPly, Light-weight solar-electric cell foil which can be cut to any size. Especially the latter product is very interesting since it can be bent and shaped to cover practically any objects form milk cartons to motor cars.

Opportunity: Inexpensive and pollution-free elecricity

Threat: none

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