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poverty today

Poverty levels are on the global rise when there is also an increase in industrialization. why so?

according to wikipedia, poverty is referred to as the condition of not having the means to afford ‎basic human needs such as clean water, nutrition, health care, clothing and shelter. the world ‎bank defines it as hunger, lack of shelter, being sick and not being able to see a doctor, not having ‎access to school and not knowing how to read, having no job, fear for the future, living one day at a ‎time, losing a child to illness brought about by unclean water and powerlessness, lack of ‎representation and freedom.‎

regardless of how you look at it, it has many faces and forms varying from one place to another ‎and across time, and has been described in many ways but most often as a situation people want to ‎escape from, initially there are 1.4 billion people living under or at poverty line of $1.25 a day. one ‎watchtower reported that in developing countries, many are forced to live on the streets or in ‎shantytowns. the lame, the blind, women nursing babies, and at traffic lights children running ‎between stopped cars trying to sell something in order to earn a living as the streets of most big ‎cities in developing countries are packed with luxurious cars shopping malls are full of latest ‎gadgets and buyers are plenty. still the vast majority of people do not benefit from this especially ‎those living in rural areas or villages thus creating a situation where the poor get poorer and the rich ‎get richer. ‎

Research question: why do we see poverty when the worlds wealth and technological know-how is at our disposal?

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