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Construction engineering / heat pump technology

Construction engineering / heat pump technology in future.

The general climate change will change our current situation in construction engineering and this will give effort to develop current heat pump and geothermal heat technology.

My view is that current refrigerants (R404A, R410 and etc..) and compressor technoly will develop a lot in near future.

In contruction energy regulations have become stricter in town house contruction nowadays. If we are not talking about zero-enrgia house, grown heat is only sensible heating system. Market peoples also speak on behalf of other pumps solutions and technology and I don't know no one who is very pleased in other than geothermal heat system. Has been too much talk about very expensive grown heat but my understanding those cost are much closer together than is generally known. Price / benefit ratio is the most important but not only think when peoples making a long term decisions.

My best forecast for pump development are that will give more than 100% additional benefit ratio when pump and refrigerants are improving. That will be revolutions on form of heating. Now pump technology is mainly for smaller building like a town house, after improved other like a bigger building and industry will more interested in this.

The greatest benefits for pump tehnlogy is for north where the winter in the thermal.

Opportunity: Signification energy savings

Threat: Low cost energy

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