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Promoting Finland via exchange students

This challenge is directed towards exchange students. What kind of services and/or activities they need from our university to feel more welcome in Finland? If the experience in Finland is positive this will create a word-to-mouth type of promotion for Laurea and generate additional demand for Finland amongst students.

The challenge is to get exchange students promoting Finland abroad through positive experiences during their stay. Not many students have heard about Finland and if they have the cold weather and the allegedly quiet and withdrawn people of Finland don't seem that interesting.

The growing demand towards Finland, and especially Laurea, opens new windows of opportunities for us as well. More universities will be interested in us in new and old countries and we will have more options for our possible exchange period.

The main target group in this are the exchange students who visit Finland only for a short period. Also the degree program students are one of the target groups although they will stay in Finland for a longer period and thus can't promote Laurea in their own university as they don't have one.

The challenge will be ongoing throughout all of Laurea as new students arrive every six months in different locations of Laurea.

Perhaps the solutions for this challege can also be used in other universities in Finland.

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Research question: How to get exchange students to promote Finland after they leave?

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So the goal is to promote Finland and Laurea University of Applied Sciences in universities around the world using the exchange students in Finland. This will create more demand for Finnish universities and open new opportunities for Finnish exchange students. This idea will answer how this will be possible.

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(26 Jan 2011)
I am an undergraduate student of engineering and i had worked at Laurea SID labs last summers with Dr. Jyrki Suomala in Neuroeconomic labs. I agree with the idea of the incoming exchange students publicising Laurea through the word of mouth. Maybe it might be a good idea for Laurea administration to see if they can get actively engaged with the students once they return to their respective countries to try and motivate them to promote Finland in whatever way they can.
(25 Jan 2011)
I think this is a good idea. If we can promote Finland via exchange students and to get students in foreign countries intrested about us, it would help us to get new co-operative universities. It would be good for us if we had more electivity for our own exchange periods.
But the problem is that if we put too much effort in this and try too hard to impress the foreign students, there is a danger that they will see right trough it. So we'll just have to think about natural ways to try to impress them and make them see the positiv and best sides of Finland.
This is absolutely an idea that should be worked on.
(25 Jan 2011)
You touch a field of interest for all partners. Foreign students arriving in Finland often lack real life contact with local students and even in the same University and campus. New solutions are certainly necessary to better integrate the young ambassadeurs in the campus and free time life of the local peers.