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Communication abroad.

My challenges is to find solution for to this question: How people can communicate abroad if they don`t speak the same language?

My challenge is to find some solution for the question : How people can communicate abroad if they don`t speak the same language.
I have been many times in Italy. I have had always good service there. But there was sometimes little bit problems with communication because in some places people did not speak English and I did not know Italian language. So it was difficult to explain what kind of service I wanted. We used some body language but it took long time to understanding what I really wanted from them. I had the same problem also in French.
Hopefully I figure it out how to improve my challenge and solve this problem.

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Research question: How people can communicate abroad if they don´t speak the same language.

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In intercultural encounters where two people don't speak the same language, usually they try to communicate with body-language. Normally it works, but there can be problems in understanding. I think that body-language and hand signs could be made as an own language.

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(01 Mar 2011)
This is a very common problem all over the world. I agree with Jenu that we should develop body-language, because it's impossible to learn all the languages!

(01 Feb 2011)
i do not know how feasible this is but formulating a set of gestures that mean the same worldwide might solve this problem to an extent. terminology or gestures for words such as accommodation, food, trip, money, for instance can be made standard for all places round the globe.
(26 Jan 2011)
That´s a very common thing when visiting abroad. You are sort of stuck when you don´t know the language. But there are few ways to communicate beside language. Body language as you mentioned, different drawings, and dictionaries as well.
I think you have a lt of other way to communicate with people. the language is the most common, used and known by people but there are a lot of unverbal communication like the body language, mimes, images, writting expression, language of the deaf ...
i think even abrod you can find a way to communicate even if you don't speak the same language but it would be easier if you know it.
(25 Jan 2011)
Many people have come up with the same situation that you have. Body language is a really good way to try to communicate with others who don't share the same language. Maybe it would be an idea that you could work on. If the body language can be worked on as a world wide language, so that everyone would know what different signs and moves mean, just like sign language, it would help everybody with the same problem. Keep on going, it would be really good to find a solution for this.
(25 Jan 2011)
This is very common problem all over the world. I think this gonna be always a problem. Noone can't force others to use same language as you are. I think we just to respect different languages and/or try to learn speak different kind languages. But this is a very good point and keep on trying to solve this problem!
It very much depends on the reason of being abroad...if you go abroad only for vacation a small dictionary and using single words is usually fine. Pantomime works as well, I have both methods combined tested in quite many places.
If you mean staying in the country for longer time, learning the language usually pays off the best. (take it as an opinion of a foreigner living in Finland)
(24 Jan 2011)
This is very close to my challenge and that's why this catched my eye. You are presenting your challenge in a short way. I would like you to tell a bit about the bagground about this challenge, for example have you got any experiences of your own about this or what is your opinion to this question. But otherwise, you have a good challenge a head of you, so keep on going! :)
(24 Jan 2011)
If you have mobile phone with internet connection (or you have computer with internet connection), you can use automated translation tools like google translate. Also it is possible to use text to audio conversion tools (i.e. you write text and computer will speak the words).

You actually test this in the front page. 1) click Podcast icon just after Recent posts headline and RSS feed icon. You end to page where you can listen all front page content.