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Ideas for creating international menus

I have thought some ideas for creating international menus so people can understand what the restaurants offer.

My first idea is to offer menu in the most common languages in the restaurant's area, thus it includes languages, which local citizens and tourists speak generally. This idea is already known in some places but it could expand more. Perhaps this should be some kind of an official rule in restaurant business.

My second idea is visual aids, which is useful especially when customer has a linguistic problem. For example these aids could be photos of portions and what food ingredients include in them. In addition if portions contain nuts, fish, pork, milk, gluten or hot spices, menus should have some visual mark of them.

My other idea is offering dictionaries in local languages for the customers. Then it doesn't matter if the customers don't have their own books with them, because they can borrow them in the restaurant. Furthermore the basic solution for undestanding the menu is to hire at least one employee who knows the common languages in the specific area.

I have also thought ideas as a customer, by that I mean ideas how I could ease my understanding in restaurant in different countries. First I could use dictionary by using a book or internet in a mobile phone or laptop. And also I could get help from my friends who already knows the language or I can try to network with the local people.

Generally it's reasonable and polite to get to know the local cuisine, culture and vocabularity before the travel.

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Your idea/solution in one sentence: International menus with different languages and visual aids

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(02 Feb 2011)
Very good improvement ideas! You have been thinking the topic from different aspects.
(01 Feb 2011)
I think you have really good and practical ideas for your challenge. Especially I like the idea about the picture. Dictionaries; good thinking as well.
I don't really have anything constructive to say, sorry, well done!
(01 Feb 2011)
Your ideas are very interesting! Especially good idea is to offering dictionaries in local languages for the customers! Then you can find easily different words and some short sentences there. Also when you get know the local cuisine and culture helps you to understand more about different foods and restaurants.