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Ideas for creating communication abroad.

I hope my ideas for communication abroad will help you to understand other people who does not speak the same language than you.

Thank you for your comments! They helped me to find different ideas for my challenge.
Now I want to present some of my ideas how to communicate abroad without the same language.

If you are abroad for vacation and you don´t speak the local language,very useful book is dictionnary. There you can find almost all words and some short sentences. If you don`t have dictionnary with you, you can use mobilephone with internet connection or computer which have also internet connection. It is easy way to find quickly different words and sentences because with internet and mobilephone you can use automated translation tools like google translate. We can communicate also without speaking. With bodylanguage you can express many things! Bodylanguage includes for exaple mims and gestures. You can also use images and written expression. It is important to use your imagination!

If you are staying in the country for longer time, the best way for communication is to learn the local language. It takes time but it`s worth it! Then you can communicate and speak easily with people who are living in the same country than you.

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Your idea/solution in one sentence: Bodylanguage, dictionaray, mobilephone and learning local language will help you to communicate abroad.

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(01 Feb 2011)
Good ideas! And it's true that if you're staying longer, you should learn the local language. For example you could study some basis courses before travelling or buy an audio dictionary. At least try to pick up some daily words and expressions, then it's easier to learn more :)
(31 Jan 2011)
These ideas are very good, I like them. You had almost the same problem that I and that's why I wanted to read these ideas. Especially the idea bringing a dictionnary with you is a great idea,because it helps you with some daily isuess,but the most helpfull way is to learn the local language.