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Providing better customer service for exchange students in Finland

So the goal is to promote Finland and Laurea University of Applied Sciences in universities around the world using the exchange students in Finland. This will create more demand for Finnish universities and open new opportunities for Finnish exchange students. This idea will answer how this will be possible.

The ultimate goal for this idea is to create a friendly and attractive learning environment for exchange students in Finland and Laurea. The bigger the demand for Laurea the better the opportunities for students in Laurea to go abroad to different universities.

One of the goals is to improve the customer service provided by Laurea and LAUREAMKO (our student union) towards the students. Already we have international tutors that help the new students through the semester and give advice on Finnish culture, customs, places, events and the practical things in Laurea. I've gotten a lot of feedback about my challenge, thank you for that, and one of the things mentioned was a survey that could help to pinpoint the needs and problems the students are having. Also there was discussion about how to get the students to actively promote Finland in their home countries. This meaning not just a word-to-mouth promotion but on a larger scale like holding a presentation about their stay in here.

It's still the beginning of the year and the new exchange students have just arrived. I suggest that we do some surveys and interviews to find out what they like in Finland, Laurea and LAUREAMKO and also the international tutors. What could be done better and what was good. Finding out the problem points will help us to make the experience better for the next students. This of course requires that we not just find out the problems but fix them. The next step later this spring in this project would be finding out what kind of events do the students have back home where Finland and Laurea could be promoted by them or someone else. So if the students have the possibility to tell about their exchange period we have to find out how to motivate them to do so. There are also degree program tutors who are themselves from abroad. Their experiences can be also used to find out how to better make exchange students feel like home. Maybe a research about their experiences would be a good idea.

So the first surveys and interviews could be in this spring and they would continue all the way to summer. We would only interview Laureas exchange students. Probably mostly from Leppävaara unit as the biggest volume of exchange students are there, I'm an international tutor in Leppävaara and our group studies there.

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Your idea/solution in one sentence: Promoting Finland in universities abroad to gain more demand for Finnish universities.

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(14 Feb 2011)
I see the challenge but not the solution. Have you developed the service idea ? Who gets what ? Who pays? Who develops the service ? Who profits and how ?
(01 Feb 2011)
You have an interesting idea, making this work would benefit all of us as students. It's good that you have thought about it further already like all the surveys and stuff. Well done!
(01 Feb 2011)
Thank you for the comment. Sorry for marking it as spam :D Missclick