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Increasing hygiene education will make it better!

This article is an idea for existing challenge Sanitation and hygiene problems in Mwanza.

Tampere-Mwanza project can not build proper toilets to every school so sanitation problems have to be solved other way. The lack of finance in developing countries is often the main reason behind everything.

To prevent unnecessary non-attendance in schools requires actions in education. It is necessary to increase sanitation and hygiene awareness among people (especially among the inhabitants in suburb area) so that they recognize where health problems originate.

The school composting project in Mwanza was success and therefore I believe that the young people are the best way to chance manners. We are looking for long term solutions and the children are the key to success. By teaching hygiene and sanitation to schoolchildren we get ambassadors spreading the information to the neighborhood. In addition, in some areas it is uncommon that adults have writing and reading skills so therefore it is wise to start with schoolchildren.

Of course, like in composting project, it is necessary to take part to the ward meetings and co-operate with ward health officers, but the environmental groups in schools are the first step. Next steps could be neighborhood meetings in surrounding area of the project schools and after that step by step bigger audience. I don’t know if this sentence make any sense, please comment it!

According to my other article I have written before, changes don’t happen in a snap; it can take years because attitudes are formed from experiences. Hopefully we still run into brighter (and healthy) future.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Establishing Sanitation education -project in schools will make difference.

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