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Dealing with foreigners who can´t speak English is a problem, which can be solved. I present my idea for solving this problem.

Dealing with foreigners who can´t speak English is a problem which still can be solved. One solution for that would be the following: salesman could speak some other language, something what the customer understand as well. For example French, Swedish or Russian. But if salesman can´t speak the same language what the customer does, then they can communicate with body language. Customer shows for example a pack of cigarettes, so that would be obvious that he / she wants a new one. Then you also can use drawings to help understanding what he / she wants. I have used these three methods and they have gained positive results, so I can recommend these suggestions.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Three methods for solution: other language, body language and drawings.

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I have noticed this too. Every customer servant should know these methods.
(01 Feb 2011)
I agree with Ville that body language could be a good idea, but I think that it only works in small things, like in the grocery stores. If you do bigger sales like apartment sales, you have to be able to speak same language that the buyer or at least you have to have common language with your customer.
(01 Feb 2011)
The body language is a good idea! But maybe it's too hard way to communicate with foreigners? If you use your time to learn body language, why you don't spent your time to learn speak new language? I don't say that it's a bad idea! This is just my point of view! Check my idea there can be one way to solve this problem too!