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Thinking of I can't help wondering what is the target group. Say you have a brilliant idea in your head and you've created a need for it too, in other words know how to utilise it in order to make money, why would you share it? People would have to see what good might posting ideas here do for themselves.

In order to market it is crucial to know who would be the one who benefits from this kind of service. It isn't until knowing who really would need this service that it's possible to focus marketing. As said, people with brilliant ideas and a possibility to harness it wont propably share their idea in a social media like this. But what about people with ideas but who can't possibly figure out what to do with them? Or people with a need for an innovation but no chance to make one up? That's the people would be useful to, and that's the people who should reach. Marketing should be focused to both of these groups and indicate that through they will find a solution that would benefit themselves and others.

Massidea's business idea is kind of marketing itself, too. Build up a forum where the users can produce its contents. I'm marketing right now as I'm writing about how to market it, even though I'm doing it because it's required in this course 00018 Palveluinnovaatiot. Students who read other students' posts and comment them, are marketing In order to make the "grapevine" work, it is critical how beneficial people who are currently using finds their experience. If people don't think that using does any good for them, they won't sell this idea to anybody. On the other hand, if people who are currently using this finds this useful, they will do the marketing automaticly by telling about it to their friends and associates, who will do the same thing when they find out that really works.

Being well connected in the social media is a good idea. Still, it is so easy to change information fast nowadays, that this kind of "self-marketing" has become more and more important. If product or service is working and people has actual need for it, it will market itself very efficiently. If not, it won't.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Efficient marketing needs knowledge of the segment and the service to be marketed has to be of good quality.

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(11 Feb 2011)
One of the main problems in the educational system is that the work done by students during the studies is not visible. Basically after studies, students are not able to use their studing task outcomes as a tool to market themselves. Now with help of we are trying change this.

If more courses are using these kind of studing task based on open networks and open innovation, then students would have a possibility to generate their personal knowledge portfolio at the same time. When applying in the job and presenting an extensive portfolio of relevant insights would definitely help on getting the job.

We have also planned more an integration with e.g. site. Then it would be easy to link profile to that cv. Our assuption is that it would also increase the motivation to study, since better the profile is, more easier it is get the job. This also requires actions from teachers and they should break the habit of traditional studing tasks
(10 Feb 2011)
Really good points Santtu!
(09 Feb 2011)
This is good! You have excellent points in your text! Target group is important part of the marketing.
(09 Feb 2011)
Good thinking that to whom marketing should be focused on. I agree that it´s useful to do marketing only for people who would really like to share the ideas. It is true that if the service idea is good, it will market itself.
(05 Feb 2011)
You have really good points in your text! I agree with you about the fact you are saying about sharing own ideas in social network. I mean seriously how many people are willing to share in publicity their good ideas just for some else could steal it? Your idea about the target group is very potential.