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How to advertise

In my opinion I think the best way to promote is to use social media like Facebook.

In my opinion I think the best way to promote is to use social media like Facebook. It’s free and widely used all around the world. Best way to use the Facebook is to make own page called Massidea and use it to promote
Most challenging part is how to get people to join Massidea page. We have to offer something to the people and courage them to join. We can advertise people to join Massidea page like this:
“After we get 100 000 members we will give 100 euros to 30 random members to courage them to write and share ideas at”. Or if you are a student you will get one year free membership to your local student organization. With this way we could get more students to join.
Why would my idea work? It’s simple and cost free. Almost every student is using social media like Facebook. I think best target group for this kind of advertising are students. Because they are used to use social media and if there are possibility get free cash or free student organization membership, why wouldn’t they join?
I think this type of promotion is suitable almost every situations. This is an easy way to get more people to get know about and use it.

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(11 Feb 2011)
Initial project plan included this kind of marketing campaign where monetary rewards would have been given to participants. However, because of funding rules, we were not able to execute it. At the moment there is a thesis study going on which is defining a reward/point system for Later on it might be possible to turn these point to somekind of "value".

"One year free membership to your local student organization" is also a great idea and actually student organizations could use this kind of approach to develop their own services via This would be also a good idea to test e.g. in Laurea. There is a possiblity to do a project course based on this idea. Let me know if you are interesed.